November 5, 2009    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
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Motortopia at SEMA 2009

Thanks to you, Motortopia is back at SEMA this year.

SEMA, the premiere automotive specialty trade show in the world, features lots of hot cars and cool products on display.

Check out the blog for coverage including a V12 Detroit Diesel-powered hot rod; an award-winning '72 Charger restored by a Motortopian; Chip Foose's Super Cuda; a group of hot Camaros including a Jay Leno concept Camaro; and a gallery of the coolest accessories for your ride.

Oh, and due to popular demand from last year, we can't forget our women of SEMA galleries here and here.

Check it out!

    Main Image Events
Nov 7th
10th Annual Buford ACE Classic Cruise-in and Show!
Buford, GA


Nov 14th
World Motorsports Breast Cancer Car and Bike Show
Louisville, KY


Nov 21st - 22nd
Nickey Chicago Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals
Chicago, IL


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1956 Chevrolet Pickup

1956 Chevrolet Pickup
Str8upChevy owns this heavily modified '56 Chevy Pickup nicknamed "Pro/Street". Check out the long list of mods on this truck, including a 500 hp 468 c.i. big block, Narrowed Dana rearend, 4.10 Posi Detroit Locker, and much much more. Check it out!
Bob's Rat-Rod

Vintage Transporters
Feeling nostalgic? RancheroBoy put up a unique photo album of vintage automobile transporters. Cool stuff!

Meet new member 07Stallion. According to her profile, she has loved cars as long as she can remember--as a kid, she even tricked out her Barbie's car with "stickers and cool wheels." She also has quite the stable of vehicles, including a 2007 Foose Stallion Mustang and seven vintage motorcycles. Stop by her garage, and encourage her to add the rest of her toys to Motortopia!
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