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December 3, 2009    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
    Community Newsletter

Win in December on Motortopia!

We are excited to announce the monthly challenge giveaway is back! The five members who win the most challenges in December will share almost $500 worth of prizes courtesy of K&N Filters!

Check out the leaderboard to see who's leading the pack and how many wins it will take to get your name on top.

Challenge Giveaway Details >>

Not into challenges? We have something for you too: win a $250 Griot's Garage shopping spree just by getting your friends to join Motortopia! Each friend that joins increases your chances of winning.

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    Main Image Events
Dec 5th
Driven Toy Drive benefitting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Plano, TX


Dec 13th
8th Annual Sunset Showdown Car Show
Westminster, CA


Jan 1st, 2010
New Years Day Cruise In Grill 57
Garner, NC


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1959 Austin-Healey Sprite Rotary

1959 Austin-Healey Sprite Rotary
BuzzBomb's "Bugeye" Sprite packs a surprise under the hood: a 13b rotary engine from a 1987 Mazda RX-7. Combine that awesome powerplant with a curb weight of 1300 lbs. and you can bet this project will be a screamer when it is done. Check it out!
one bad z vs. I ROC U

This is battle of two great examples of Chevy's iconic Camaro. The question is: are you a second generation fan or a third generation fan? Head over to this challenge and vote now!

Meet gasserlady. She grew up around circle track and drag cars and has been working on them all her life. Fueled by her passion for "Gassers" from the 60s, she is now building one of her own. And even better, her 15-year-old daughter is helping her out. Stop by her garage to say "hi" and check out her progress as she builds an awesome homage to the golden age of drag racing!
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