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Last night

By officered

Last night when leaving work a bunch of guts were crowded around a co-workers new 2013 Toyota loaded 4-door something. They were talking of far out of my little world I had to ask what they were talking about!
Am I crazy for living in my V8 drum brake and headers world with the occassional luxury of power steering? As I departed in my TransAm and roared onto the highway all doubts instantly cleared away..Nice chilly night... window down...left a tiny bit of rubber at every drive home ever! I was one with my car... If I drifted over the line it was my doing and undoing...braking, skidding, cornering...all up to me and my ability... I pulled into the driveway and chuckled about my departing words to them; 'Guess I'll get something like that when i get old..haha...NOT!

Barn Find!!! In the middle of suburbia!!!!

By officered

I have to share this one!
No pics i didnt feel comfortable photographing it it yet!

In the course of my duties, yesterday December 18, I noticed the shape of a old car in another back yard several houses down. It was far away with weeds blocking my view but I could see a slight flare to the rear wheel well and a hood with a crude after-market plastic hood scoop. The front fenders were off. It was on cement blocks and under a old metal-type car-port. I thought it might be a Olds A body maybe. Anyway, upon clearing the call I counted houses as I left, found the street, counted houses and walked to the door. As soon as the owner answered the door he almost had a heart attack as he thought I might be there to address his overall back yard! 'Hell no' I said...Im a car guy and I gotta know what that is back there. 'A 1972 Plymouth GTX roadrunner 440' Ofcourse I asked to see it! He bought it brand new in 1972.... He stopped driving it in 1975! It only has 19k miles on it!!!!!! The engine is gone. He said new the car came with 4-10 gear, 4-speed and 370hp. He and his brother installed 5-something gears, highrise manifold, dual carbs etc... and it made 720 HP. Thats where the crude hole and scoop comes in. as the hood would not close. He drove it to Miami once...other than that it never left Orange County Florida!!!!! In 1974 his wife got a 73 roadrunner....she was killed in it. In 1975 He pulled the engine out, stashed it in a barn and parked the car in a cow pasture for five years (on its wheels) Minor rust started in the lower rear quarters and a steer bumped his horns on the lower rear driver door. In 1980 he towed it home, placed it on the cement blocks. Took the fenders off...went to go get the engine and discovered it had been stolen from the barn at some point. It has been on the blocks ever since. Except the engine....he has every single part and the title. While i was there he started bringing stuff out of the house...emblems, fenders, powersteerng, etc... I immediately called my co-worker and good friend officerbob who was almost ready to drive to georgia to get a titles, rusted 73 roadrunner...the guy is on the verge of practically giving bob the car with a promise to bring her back to life! The headliner is shot...but the black bucket seats! If Bob screws around and blows it I'll find a place for it!!! I'll keep this blog updated!!!!!

Stranded: A option I'm passing along

By officered

This past weekend I took my daughter on a fun few days aong US 41 'alligator-alley' we became stranded...major mechanical failure...a few hundred miles outside most roadside assist towing plans. I just wanted to share my solution...and maybe it will hep somebody else in a like situation as many of us have older machines w/o warranty etc... My 700 R tranny gave up and died... it happens with these GMs...and I selected moving forward to a safer area sacraficng internal transmission condition...I had a 12 yea old with me haha... My towing options were great except the range...additional 5 to 7 dollars per mile extra for extra distance. Sacrificing the tranny guts for a safer area resuled in no neutral...'P' became drive...only low gear working and slipping after a few minutes... I found a 'Budget Truck Rental location. For $260 I soon had a box truck I did not need but a flat-bed car hauling trailer I did need (vs. a 2 wheel dolly) I rented it Thursday and it does not need to go back to any Budget facitlity until Saturday afternoon...Thats what I would have spent on gas anyway...and that price included unlimited miles! So...if you ar too far away for normal towing...too far away from buddies with hauling equipment...dont want anyone messing with your stuff where you are stranded...and its too expensive or complicated where you are stranded...dont panic...this is a great option and it was newer stuff, cheaper and in better condition then the guys with the orange rentals! I always wondered what I would do if I were 1000 or even 1500 miles away...I could have done this for 16 hours and 1400 miles and still had the set-up back at a budget facility by Saturday! Justn thought I pass this along!

It's Alive !!!!

By officered

First run-up 1969 Olds project car 3-10-09!!!! Now the fun part can start!

1969 fastback Olds Project blog

By officered

Project car birthday present to myself... took some wheeling & dealing and didnt arrive on my birthday but she came home a few days later! 10-18-08...I could not resist...I forced open the glove-box...under the mice-nest of shreaded insulation...I discovered the original 1969 olds 4-4-2, holiday coupe, supreme, vista-cruiser owners manual...only a small corner had been munched on by mice. Found the former owners cut-in-half drivers license from 1983...Mr Don Green of Largo Florida. Found a ton of maintenance records dating from the early 70s-1983...all paperwork, credit card receipts from exxon etc...abruptly stop in 1983. Guess Im the first to open it in 25 years. There was also a mint 1968 phillips 66 SE US road map and a mint 1970's Exxon map wih the Tiger on it...way cool!!!
Also, found 2 handwritten to-do lists for his son's cars...and a registration for a 1967 Pontiac V8 2-door hard top....hmmmm...wonder what that was...GTO? Hmmmm.....
10-29-08 Update: The 'parts-Car' is here! Nothing like a freebee...running olds rocket 350, new tires and lots of little parts! The actual car is trashed though...some kid hand painted portions with metalic green paint, tons of trunk floor or lid...but lots of little parts!
December 2008: Picked up a brand new set of Flow-tech long tube headers. Just eyeballing it...the starter is smack-dab in the way. Investigated starter, found it damaged and broken...someone trying to shove a set of header in there and detroyed it...look original...oh well...
1-15-09: With the holidays behind me... I picked up my new power-master Oldsmobile V8 clockable compact can pivot out of the way of the headers an is fully heat insulated from header-heat. Saturday the 16th might actually be starter and header in stall date with a grand finale of starting the engine...because I can think of no other word for it....'up!' haha.
I had the carb is a BMP fuel systems modified holley double-pumper with no horn or chocke for racing aplications only...hmmmm... if the info is true, and she has been bored...and there is a wicked cam...this should be interesting! Maybe a little bit o a attitude un til it warms up without a choke! I will keep this blog updated!
01-19-09:PowerMaster compact clockable starter compared to stock attached
11-29-09: Pulled the Rocket 350 & 350 Transmission out of the 1970 parts-car (I will never do that on a dirt surface again...ever).
12-01-09 New torque converter, screen, pan gasket installed...looking forward to having this transmission in there this weekend...hopefully!

Easy replacement fix...notorious 1991-1992 Firebird-Formula-TransAm Driving Lights

By officered

Those notorious hard-to-find crappy driving lights used only on the 91-92 Banshee-nosed Firebird-Formula-TransAm. For $11.00 per side you can achieve the perfect stock look and brightness. See the photos to bring the fog/driving lights back to lifeand stop constantly replacing halogen bulbs due to the horrible seal on the stock units....if your glass lense hasent fallen off yet like mine did.
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