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Sometimes you just gotta have one! A V8 that is.

By GoldyLocks

Now, you would have thought the Germans, with their precision machining and engineering would have done this; but it was a Frenchman, Leon-Marie-Joseph-Clement Levavasseur, (let's call him "V" for short), patented the first V8 engine in 1902 on this day, December 2, 1902.

The V-formation, of course, allows a crankshaft to be turned by eight pistons with only four throws.

And, I remember the first time I stepped on a V-8, how about you!

Leave your V-8 memory in the comments here.

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Z4N3’s Profile Photo
Feb 10, 2009 at 6:36 pm
The first V8 I ever drove was my mother's car actually. In 2006 she bought a brand new Charger R/T and I drove it like a bat out of hell every chance I got. The low pro's that come stock on it didn't handle it very well, but I had more fun in that car than anything I've ever driven. (Unfortunately the governor stops you at 140 Mph. I found that out in a 55 zone) I'm building a 302 Ford Ranger and it's not a cheap or simple process whatsoever. My parents paid for the truck and I have to pay to build it almost from the ground up and I'm doing it right the first time, so I'm camming it and going with true duals starting with Hedman hedders. I have the motor and every part I need for the swap except a tranny adapter and bellhousing. V8's rule!
awiilyd’s Profile Photo
Dec 2, 2008 at 7:56 pm
Even though I technically learned to drive in a 1989 Suburban with a TBI 350 when I was 15, the first vehicle I ever drove was a 1976 F-150 with a 390 big block. I was maybe 12, we were in the mountains cutting firewood and I never took it faster than 5 mph. I own the truck now, and am trying to get some money together to restore it, but you can bet that 390 will run better than ever when I'm done with it! Even though my daily driver is a v6 and my ride is a v-twin, I was brought up on V-8's and will never be without one. I currently own 4, that 390, 2 vortec 350's, one in my work van and another in storage, and an old 350 in my boat.
CorvairJim’s Profile Photo
Dec 2, 2008 at 2:02 pm
My dad is a Chevy Man with a capital "C"and a capital "M". He also likes his full-size station wagons, and when I was growing up we went through several. At the time I got my license in 1980, it was a '77 Impala. Not just ANY Impala, but one that accidentally slipped through the cracks... Even though the window sticker identified the car as having a 305/2-barrel engine, the sticker on the radiator wall said 350/4-barrel. A quick check under the air cleaner showed that it in fact had a 4-barrel, so we assumed it had the 350, too. It sure ran like it; even the salesman commented it ran better than most 350s he'd driven. I found out later why it ran so well, when I found the car's build sheet: Does the code 9C1 mean anything to you? It's GM-speak for the Police Package! I checked out the suspension, and sure enough there was this ginormous anti-roll bar hooked up to the back axle. NONE of this was indicated on it's window sticker!

Shortly after I got my license, I went out 'hunting' with it. I did the old high-school trick of flipping the air cleaner lid (probably more noise than any true horsepower advantage) and tried to find unsuspecting kids in their 'hot' cars at traffic lights... and proceed to blow their doors off with an IMPALA STATION WAGON!!!

Of course, the next day, I'd be back in my own car: a very rough 6-cylinder, three-on-the-tree '65 Chevy II sedan. Oh well, back to reality.
K1M_and_J1M’s Profile Photo
Dec 2, 2008 at 11:06 am
Oh Yeah!
Well My first ride of "Gettin' On It" in a V8 car took place on one of our yearly visits to family in Ohio.I was just a kid around 11 or 12.
We were visiting a cousin in Toledo who worked at the local Ford Dealership and raced in events on the weekend who had a white Boss 302 Mustang (not sure of the year but believe it was a 1970) with black stripes and rear window louvers,Black factory scoop all tricked out for Road Racing at some nearby tracks with a Roll cage, 4 or 5 point belt harness,Fire exstinguishers mounted to the roll bars the works.
We went down Summit Street then to the main Street like a bat out of hell!
Everyone at the Roy Rodgers food joint necks snapped around looking to see what all that noise was about!
Just mark going through the Gears and tires breaking loose! hehe!
WOW I had never felt that sensation before!
I was truely hooked !
I know my Dads 68 Ford Bronco never took off like that before!
So I couldn't wait to get my first V8 and build it up!
I built a Chevy Silverado and made it a World Of Wheels showtruck and built up the stock 350 motor. I finally got to drive and feel that rush again.
Yeah it was in a shortbed stepside Pick Up but that RUSH feeling of sending you back into the seat was still there. It also made for a few headaches as that back window was pretty hard on the old noggin' from hitting it! Note to self, Captains chairs with Headrests needed! lol

But interesting note on who came up with the V8!
I would never be able to remember that name! biggrin image
JerryandMary’s Profile Photo
Dec 2, 2008 at 9:50 am
My maternal grandfather was a Deputy Sheriff in Riverside Calif. Many years ago he explained to me why I should never buy a truck with one of those V8 motors in it. He said common sence tells us that pistons going straight up and down and wearing evenly are going to last much longer then pistons laying on their side wearing mostly on the bottom. Many years later my grandfather would not drive anything without a V8 in it. He did buy and drive only Chevrolets his entire life.

BigNuttyPaul’s Profile Photo
Dec 2, 2008 at 6:14 am
The first time i got to drive a V8 was the day i got my license. My parents had a Ford E350 SD 15 person with a 460 in it. I had been driving my brother inlaw's Honda Civic before i got my license. I know an E350 isn't a sports car, but for a 16 year old kid stepping on the gas pedal of that big block with something else. With me and a whole bunch of friends in that van it would still leave rubber when you put it to the floor. I remeber thinking it was one heck of a power house to do that in something that heavy. I still love my imports, but nothing beat the awesome torque of a V8.

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Cars > Blogs > Official Motortopia Blog > Sometimes you just gotta have one! A V8 that is.

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