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Car's in the Driveway!

By redpsycho3

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So had my car trailered up from Hartford today, it's now in the driveway :)

Can't wait to start tearing apart the GT tomarrow.

New Car!

By redpsycho3

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Just looked at the car today and decided to buy it. It has all the options I could ever want and really doesn't need anything. Only thing I have to do is swap motor and trannys and the car is back in business!

YES! Bought a car :)

By redpsycho3

So I found a '93 MX6 LS on craigslist, went down to look at it, ended up buying it for $300. A friend and I are gonna trailer it to my house on Saturday. The only problem with it is a blown headgasket, but that's alright cuz we're gonna swap the motors.

Here's the craigslist link: http://hartfo...55529101.html

Fully loaded, power sunroof, locks, windows, seats, cruise, 4 wheel rotors and ABS, full size spare on rim, nice tires, only 120k on the body. Theres two biggish dents on the driver's side, but those can probably be pulled out. For the price the car is very nice, could easily be sold for a lot more. :)

Some pics from tonight: (sorry they're dark)

So hopefully next week I'll have a running, driving car. I'll keep this updated :)


By redpsycho3

None of my cars will be in challenges anymore, it's just too much of a PITA to deal with people who take it too seriously.

For Sale!!

By redpsycho3

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So I may have found a car. If it pans out then I'll be selling my truck, no idea what price but heres the info:

1988 Dodge Dakota SE 3.9L V6 auto 4WD
188k miles

Bought it a couple months ago and have driven it plenty of times between Boston and Torrington, CT. I can't say that it runs perfect but it has yet to let me down. No real options, has a 6' bed, nearly new Goodyear Wrangler tires. So far I've replaced both wheel bearings ($150 ea), inner and outer tie-rod ends on BOTH sides, air filter, plugs, cap and rotor. I also replaced the rear shoes and the truck came with new wiper motor, battery, pads, rotors, master cylinder and brake lines. Just replaced the oil and filter today.

Like I said, it doesn't run like new but it is almost 20 years old. It will need an alignment, but I've driven it a LOT since I bought it, 300 miles round trip to school 5-6 times, and it starts up everytime and gets me where I need to go. Lil extras with the truck are tinted windows and diamond plate around the bed and on the ends, foglights, as well as having a rubber bed protector.

WTB: 2nd Gen Ford Probe

By redpsycho3

I'm looking to buy a 1993-1997 Ford Probe GT.

- have A/C
- manual tranny

- power options
- no rust

If the motor or tranny is shot, even better! I have a motor and tranny out of my old car that I can swap into. Budget is very low, so what do you have?

Email: ashley (at) redpsycho3 (dot) com
AIM: redpsycho3

So, who has a nice car?

By redpsycho3

I have an upcoming assignment for class, for which I'd like to do a couple of photoshoots of cars, however I don't know anyone in this area, so, if you live on the Northshore and wouldn't mine some new pics of your car let me know, I'd appriciate the help :)

More work!

By redpsycho3

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On Friday I replaced the pass. side wheel bearing and inner and outer tie rods, so now the truck drives a helluvalot better, steerings actually responsive, almost handles as good as my car did. So now it just needs an alignment and to change the oil sometime this year. I'll be putting on foglights later too.

Wheel bearings and tie-rods and brakes, oh my!

By redpsycho3

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The Saturday before last I spent a good six hours replacing the drivers side wheel bearing and inner and outer tie-rod ends. The following day I spent a few hours doing the rear brakes in the rain. Well I have yet to get an alignment, so it's real fun driving the beast, but on turkey day i get to do the pass. side.

Crashed :'(

By redpsycho3

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I was on west hill road around midnight coming home from t's house when i swerved to miss a deer around a really sharp and steep corner. the tires let go on the wet road and i went straight into a telephone pole. bout 5 minutes later a cop showed up, just driving around, so i didnt have to call 911. i did call marc though and he came out and made me feel better.

the car is pretty much totalled. i didn't have collision on it, only theft, so i'm screwed. what i wanna do is find another probe and swap the parts, preferably one with a blown motor for cheap, pending the condition of my motor and tranny. nothing was leaking from it (besides like, **** from the a/c system and maybe a lil coolant from the rad)

both airbags deployed (saved my ass), windsheilds cracked, rad's crushes, whole front end is ****ed, theres a nice indent from the pole.

i'm suprisingly fine, just a cut and scrape on my face from the airbag, some swelling, but nothing major.

i guess i need an alignment again...oh and i should probably siphon the gas tank since i just filled it up yesterday...

so if anyone has or knows someone with another gt (94-97) for cheap lemme know...

Fixed! Kinda...

By redpsycho3

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So the day before I had to leave for school I fixed my car. Parked it behind Autozone (where I work) and started pulling it apart. I did the wheel bearing, tie rod end and ball joint as well as the front brakes. I had never done brakes before, so to do all that was awesome. I did have help from my two co-workers though :)

Next up, I need an alignment and the locks wired up, but when I get mula I'm doing an oil change, fixing the exhaust leak, replacing the right side front-end and doing the rear brakes.

Oh yeah, last week I also did a photoshoot of the car in the TMS parking lot. I think they came out well...

To Do:

By redpsycho3

List of stuff I still have to do for my car:

- replace antenna
- replace hatch shocks
- replace crank pulley
- wire up locks
- tint rear and side windows
- recharge air filter
- put in perf. oil pump
- change oil to full syn.
- new tires all around
- fix the $#%^&-ing suspension noise
- KLZE swap
- H4 headlight conversion
- fix the exhaust
- performance exhaust
- take off the tach

more to come...


By redpsycho3

I wish I had money so I could actually DRIVE my car instead of look at it...

I love my car...

By redpsycho3

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I love my car. It left me with $1.48 in my bank account but it's worth every penny. V6 5 speed with mods already dont to it. My first 5 speed, oh so much fun.

And it turns heads too with the looks and the sound. Then when people see a girl drive it they go, wtf?

I love the attention, its awesome.

I love my car.

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