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By scc24540

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i won again

By scc24540

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thanks to some friends here i joined cool rides online...and well just look for yourself


2012 Show Season

By scc24540

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well 2012 was a great year for me as far as cars go, i got my new SS Shadow and i put him in 11 judged shows and well i brought home best in class 9 times in a row. bought a basically stock 02 monte ss back in march for 2800 bucks and needless to say it was pretty much borked, 4 bald tires, engine that was so gunked it couldnt go over 40mph, tranny that jerked and shimmied through the gears, a bent wheel, rusted mufflers, rotors chewed almost in half, cigarette ashes inches deep all over the inside, [there were so much cig ashes that it was inside the door panels, all throughout the dash, even under the spare tire. i literally had to take out ever piece of duct work and boil it to get the stink out of the car] and a paintjob that hadnt seen a washcloth in a decade. well new wheels, tires, slotted/drilled rotors, flowmasters, engine rebuild and upgrade, tranny rebuild and upgrade, ect... Shadow has now won 9 shows, countless cruize in's, been in multiple parades, seen in 4 magazines, been on tv twice, is being used in the commercial for 2 businesses, has its picture inside over a dozen businesses, the list goes on and on. 2013 has just started and im going to my first show on the 5th and i plan to start 2013 like i ended 2012 by sucking gas, hauling ass, and bringing home the gold!

this is a tear jerker

By scc24540

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did the jasons house charity today, due to weather and the illnesses the children are suffering from only 1 child got 1 ride today. this poor kid is suffering from lukemia, asbarger, and a neurological disorder that i cant remember the name of. he had to fight and struggle to get to the 58 tbird he chose to ride in first but man soon as the exhaust started singing well ill let the pic speak for me

the most important thing ive ever done in the automotive community

By scc24540

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i have been invited to take part in something extremely important. something called "jasons house" here at the beach. ill put the link at the end of this. i feel this is a major honor because its about children on deaths doorstep from cancer and 1 of the things they want to do most before they die is to go "riding in a cool car". this is more important then any trophy or award or write up or anything else i could receive in the automotive community. to use my car to bring a smile to the face of a child thats going to pass away from a horrible disease and make their wish come true. i can only hope i can keep myself together until after its over. this will be a every saturday and sunday thing in august, and once on july 21st. i will keep everybody updated as this progresses

oh wow

By scc24540

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well i went to a show today sponsored, judged, and ran by a corvette club and ummm look at the pic. im just in epic wow right now. the president of the vette club actually announced after saying i was the winner "this monte i s the prettiest one ive ever seen in the newer body style, its a true beauty and you need to check it out before you leave" as i was walking to accept the award. so im just kinda making this face now --> O.O

NOW i am massively impressed

By scc24540

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went to the borderwalk and festival carshow today sponsored by the city of Georgetown SC and KMS, entered the monte and guess what...............I WON BEST CHEVY IN SHOW!!!!!!!!

holy frieken crap im stoked

ok now im stoked

By scc24540

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went to the palmetto cruizers carshow at the famers market celebration in lake city sc today, and i was in a huge class, any car from 1972-2012 and well........... ill let the picture say the outcome. all the cars from the show can be seen here


won again

By scc24540

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well i went to a huge carshow today. there were apx. 170 cars there today and they only gave out trophies to the top 25 cars and the judges saw fit to award me with one of the trophies. winning this is a great honor to me because every winner was chosen by war vets and they appreciate hard work and wont give out awards simply to keep from butt hurting someone. this trophy means a ton to me because i know my hard work earned it and i shall cherish this forever

ive been honored

By scc24540

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ok i admit its just a online thing but man its still a honor, i was voted to own the "monte of the year" by the ppl on im pretty stoked that i was the one voted best because i was up against some sick cool montes.

the results can be viewed here

exhaust burger?

By scc24540

ok this is by far the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen, whoever invented this needs a reality check lol, use your poisonous exhaust gasses to cook food? ill just let yall be the judge


By scc24540

Hey guys its been a while, well life has thrown me some major curve balls. First my mom got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer so I dropped everything and went to VA to help her, while there I find my aunt has end stage lukemia so I helped all I could with that, moms surgery went well but they found another tumor so please keep her in prayers. After all this I return home to find I was fired from my job for going to help my mother even though my boss said its ok. So I start clawing through that as well. Then my father becomes the victim of identity theft so we are currently goin through this. Keep us in prayers and we will perservere. Now onto the car, its doing great I've won 4 more shows, its gonna be featured in "cruizing carolina magazine" next month, its also headed to the darlington speedway next month for a club photoshoot. Also its entered in the year one carshow next month specifically because all procedes goto help find the cure for cancer. And today I find out my car was 1 of 20 invited to a show next week that I'm getting paid to enter. I think that's pretty much it. I hope everyone else is doing great and I will be gettin up with you all

mbcc write up

By scc24540

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well im general embarassed by the quality of this but hey its something at least. even published my explanation to the editor as to why i sent it in....but either way here it is. enjoy

frieken sweet

By scc24540

today i learned that my car is going to be the featured car on my car clubs newsletter!!! god this is gonna be sweet, i will upload it via a scanner soon as i get a copy

its done

By scc24540

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after alot of looking and dealing with a bunch of immature pricks i finally found, ordered, received, and installed my new spoiler. its not the exact one i want but i paid $22.50 for it and it was painted to match my car! i think it flows well with the car but its just too quiet for my tastes, but until i can save up the $1250.00 for the one i really want this'll do LOL.

give feedback and let me know what ya think about this change.

junes gonna be a busy month

By scc24540

well i decided to go ahead and join that car club that i was invited to join and good grief do they do alot of stuff!! im gonna have all my spare time taken up and i L-O-V-E it, show after show, cruize in after cruize in, show and shine after show and shine, anyway heres the list and yes i know its NOT in order lol

First Sat of Every Month

Cecil's World Sock Hop at -Wholesale Cars and Trucks- on Hwy 17 at Murrells Inlet from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Best car trophy FREE Food and Drinks and Fun!!!!

Will continue until further notice.

CONTACT: Cecil 1-843-907-3845

June 14

Annual Club Picnic and Business Meeting will be held at the old Air Force base in Myrtle Beach at (Grand Park A) from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. rain or shine. Going South on 17 turn left at old front gate to Myers St. then turn right.


Check e-mail for more info or call 1-910-287-4258

every friday @ burkeys 6-9pm

june 21st-cruize in @ hamburger joes of surfside, 1410 hwy 17s. 6-9pm

june 8th-1-4pm, California Dreaming, from 1pm to 4pm on the second Sunday of every month at 2657 Beaver Run Blvd., Sufside Beach, just South of Hwy. 544 off of 17. Croissants will be served, no charge at our tables and initially a $10.00 coupon will be given to each couple or single individual good toward their next lunch.

june 29th- sonic in conway 6-8pm

June 13 and 14 No competition show and shine, 2 pm to 6 pm at the old Myrtle Square Mall entrance off of King's hwy. in the parking lot.

June 28

Winyah Cruisers car show in Georgetown, SC downtown at the Harborwalk festival. 10 am to 3 pm, Registration $20.00, 9 am to 11 am with awards presented at 2 pm. Top 30 - best of show - sponsor's choice- best GM - best Ford - best Mopar - ladies choice. Dash plaques to first 100 registered vehicles. Early registration $15.00 by June 15.

CONTACT: Donald O'Quinn 1-843-546-2954 or Jimmy Johnson 1-843-546-4315

w00t w00t w00t i cant wait until tomorrow now

1st showing of 2008

By scc24540

well tonight was my first time showing the monte off this year, was just a local show and shine but was awesome. was almost 50 cars there and my car was loved by all. was even asked to join a car club. was a bunch of awesome classics there in fact i think my car was the only one there made after 1970 lol. but was well worth it, i will be going back every friday for this show and shine for now. i also now have access to a list of all the car shows within 100 miles of me so guess what ITS SHOW TIME BABY YEAH

truckers strike

By scc24540

as im sittin here watching the fox news channel i see all these truckers in london parked in the road blocking traffic on strike because diesel there is 9 YES NINE EIGHT PLUS 1 9 DOLLARS A GALLON!!!!! holy crap thats just flat out ridiculous. you figure these trucks have at least a 300 gallon capacity so thats a 2700 dollar fill up for these guys. makes me really wonder if msn news's prediction of 10 dollar a gallon gas here in america by 2010 is realistic where as before i thought it was bull. man us as a country needs to come together and come together now before we are the ones having to pay 9 dollars a gallon for any sort of fuel espically the least refined that there is.

/rant lol

that felt sooooooo good

By scc24540

finally a break in the weather, no rain in the forecast for at least 7 days, was partly cloudy and 72 and i finally got to detail my ride. if yall will refer to the blog post "this is how i was" you will realize how involved that is lol. spent about 6hrs doing the detail and then cruized ocean boulevard for a while and showed off to all the people around. even so much as got a "DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYMN" as the d00d spun his head around to get a good look at my car. felt so good to finally clean my car the way it deserves to be clean and of course for others to notice is a added bonus. i know everybody on this site that loves their car knows exactly what im talking about. back aches from all the bending, neck hurts from all the contorting arms are tired and sore but god i am loving it. i even added the extra of vacuuming under the hood to get all the leaf litter and whatnot removed. tho it was very wierd vacuuming the underside of my trunk now that i have a lid there lol. while i was at it i also redid my calipers so their a bright red again now too :-D but anyway now i gotta get the car dirty so i can do it again haha, lord i am obsessed...

this is how i wash

By scc24540

now this is only when im gettin ready for a show

i use

mothers back to black, on all the plastic trim i.e. around the doors and windows, where the wiper arms bolt in, the trim piece on the trunk ect..

i use the rainx that u pour into your wiper fluid

turtle wax paste was and polishing compound, and i use a buffer for the polishing part, its a 7k rpm random orbital buffer

mothers claybar

for quick detail i use turtle wax liquid ice

armor all tire gel w/the curved applicator (i use this becasue it doesnt throw black across your car when u drive away)

tire bleach to clean the tires

california water blade instead of shammys

california car duster for the dust that settles after driving to the show

my wheels are just painted i guess so i just use soap and water on them and scrub em with a light brush and a microfiber cloth

turtle wax chrome paste for tips, grill, and that stuipd piece on the hood

flitz for the headlights

armor all for the dash and interior leather and trim

detailers brush for the nooks and crannys

febreze auto for the good smell

i have a 12v vacuum for detail at the show and a craftsman 10gal wet/dry vac for before i go

oddly enough i use the walmart 97cent carwash, but i use a diff bucket for the wheels and tires, bottom part of car, middle of car, and top of car

advance auto brand degreaser, toothbrush, and long brush for engine bay

i make sure to keep a fresh coat of engine paint on my muffs

take wheels off and clean all brake dust and scrub my painted calipers

i used "rubberized undercoating" behind the wheels on the fenderwells to make it a complete blackout except for the color of the calipers, struts and springs

and i think thats my routine for cleaning my car for a car show, if i forgot anything i apoligise and ill come back to fill in

think im obsessed anyone?


By scc24540

the nice weather that is, these 40 degree rainy days have GOT TO GO! i have this horrible itch to detail my car and i cannot scratch it long as the weather wants to be gay. ive organized and reorganized and moved all my detail materials around just trying to ease the pain of not being able to wash, claybar, wax, polish, dust whatever. but thats ok soon the nice weather will roll in and ill be out there for hours making the car look its absolute best. and now onto the 2nd part of this rant lol.

car show season i am so glad its starting up cos ive missed putting my car in them, getting looks giving looks, making friends, seeing awesome rides. and winning isnt too bad either hehe. im sure anybody that reads this feels what im saying here.

ive got so many plans from a nascar edition spoiler, to a cowl hood to some 18s, and getting my new eibach/gr2 suspension installed to make this car that much better, oh and the new side exit super 44 exhaust as well :-D

oh well ill end this rant and just bide my time until the sun wakes up and then ITS ON BABY lol

Carolina Classic Chevy Show

By scc24540

haha won best in class at the show today, was frieken sweet and we raised thousands for the local cancer society, i say all in all it was a great sucess, and the 4ft tall trophy makes a nice addition to my collection lol

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