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By spazz

Well, its that time of year... Really wishing I had my truck today. Camaros don't handle the best in the snow when you got street tires that are wider then supposed to be. Sigh. First trip i took was to take my wife to work. I got to the first bridge and tires started spinning, Nothing I could do, Foot off the gas, correct left and right and keep her on the road. Save it and keep truck-in. Then the hill... well more like a vertical sheet of ice. Just give her a lill gas and keep moving forward. keep the back end behind me, gas, let off, gas, let off. Made it. Then the trip home was all down hill..... O ya thats FUN.

Needless to say, the car will be parked a lot this winter. Now, to find a job walking distance and save money for a truck before the weather gets bad. but, with a little patience and lack of social life, i will survive the winter.

YAY Truck

By spazz

I wanna start by letting you know that i got the transmission put on the truck. Also ended up being the transfer case. Well, glad that project is done. I was working long hours and for the first time in a long time, i actualy payed someone els to do the work. I hated doing it. But, ya gotta do what you gota do.

The new thing that happend is the breaks went out. Ya, just like that. Driving down the road and cant stop. Sucks to because the parking break dont work eather. For the reacord, putting the truck in nutral and costing to a stop takes a long time from 65MPH. Then having to put the truck in park when your still moving.... ya with a new transmission. Thats enough to piss off the pope.

So, the front calipers were stuck open and the line going to the back broke. I ended up fixing all this and went to bleed the breaks and found a leak in the front of the truck. So that is the project for this week.

After I fix this I am working on floor pan and kicker pannel. I have never done this, but i think i am ready to take this on. I also have been looking into changing the front grill and head lights. I still need to look into the laws on what kind of lights i can use and what will get me pulled over.

If you have any ideas for me and wanna give advice im more then willing to take it.

Thank you,


By spazz

So, I got this truck a few months ago. for the last month now, I have been having nothing but transmission problems. SO, I got a used transmission that was tested, transfer case that was tested...both passed with flying colors. But, now I am having problems still. Different problems, but still problems.

If anyone knows about this stuff let me know.

Its a Chevy Silvarodo with a 350, automatic, 4x4. with the 700R4 trans.

Turn for the better...

By spazz

Ok so a long time ago I posted my situation...then lost my password and deleted my email so I could not get my password recovered... any way.

I want to thank everyone for the encouragement when I was down. but I got great news. To start with, It took me a long time but came to the conclusion that the T-bird was a POS.Not saying they all are but mine was junk. I ended up selling back to the original owner after the engine and trans dropped on it. He picked it up for 5oo bucks.. I feel bad for him. Now I got a second truck. Its better then the T-bird macanicly and its better then the truck I had right after the T-bird was gone. Ill have pics and stuff up soon

I started praying that things would get better. and guess what... they did. I prayed that I would be happy and Guess what... I am.

Things started getting better and then my wife and I started talking again and decided to try and fix things with us. And OMG I have never been happier. It ended up that it took us both losing everything to figure out what we had.

And it also turns out that my friends were not there for me the way I thought they were. Most my friends were just making life harder for me.

SO, bottom line.

I got everything I wanted back... got ride of what can be replaced... and found out who my real friends are.

Thank you all for the comments and encouraging words..just wish I would have gotten it all sooner.... but better late then never.

you all rock..


By spazz

Well, I got bad/good news for everyone today. I have posted my baby for sale. I can feel my eyes getting teared up and a lump in my throat when I think about it. This is such a hard thing to do.

To start with, I was gonna sell it and get a new bike. I had a bike picked out and everything. But then I needed a car to drive so I had to get that.. now I dont have the money for a bike and got stuck with a POS truck. I am working on getting the bike yet but it is gonna take some time.

I decided to sell the car because I have lost my kids and wife and no longer have a need for a passinger car. I am also wanting to get rid of anything that reminds me of all the BS that I have had to deal with over my marrige.

bottom line. I have lost my wife, kids, appartment, and car. This is all the things that are important to me. The only thing I have left is my friends. I am very greatfull for the friends that i have that are willing to stand by my side when I have hit rock bottome.

Living on the edge!!!!!!

By spazz

Before winter hit I was planing on getting a winter car so I could protect my baby from the harsh winter and all the dumb drivers in WI. Well, that did not work out so well. I am now one of the dumb drivers. I am driving around in snow half way to my nee and doing it with no back brakes or ABS.

The worst part about this is that I tell people I can not drive and they don't understand. 'My car handles fine in the snow" or "If your there worried about your car why not lock it in a glass box" are normally the responses I get.

Yes, My car handles fine in the snow. It goes strait, turns, and I have found that the supercharger helps get up snowy hills very nice. Its not the driving I am worried about. It is the 3 snowbanks I have had to throw my car into because the car wont stop.

And yes, I am protective over my car. She may not look like much but she is the nicest possession I have ever owned. But, that is only half the prob. I would hate to have to fix my car and someone elses car because my friend need a ride 2 blocks or my mom wanted me to drive an hour to take her Garbage out. Some people just piss me off.

Ok that will be it. I just had to vent a little bit....sorry.


By spazz

Ok, so right about corvair jim posted his post about selling his car.(I still feel for you) I was also at a point were I needed to think about selling my T-Bird. This was killing me because I did not know what to do. Do I sell the car I love to take care of the family that I love or do I keep it and fight to keep all I love. Well, there is a lot of love that can be killed with a problem like this. My wife is stressed because we cant pay bills and my son was not able to get school cloths. Really sucks.

So, this is what happend. I stopped at the gas station and was filling up. This guy came up to me and asked if I was interested in selling my T-Bird. I told him I was thinking about it but still was not sure if I was ready to part with the car. He pulled out his wallet and counted out 8,000 dollers. I told him I could not do it, he then counted out some more, and more and more. He ended up getting to 15,000 for my car. I told him I would go get the tittle and he fallowed me. When I got home I got the title and took it down to him and he noticed there was a lien on the tittle. I called around to see what the lien was for and it ened up there was a few things. This lien totaled about 30,000. This guy stuck around and waited for me to make a few calls and see if I could get something worked out. Ends up they want all there money before I can sell my car. So, bottom line, This guy is pissed because he wants my car but dont wanna spend that much, and I get to keep my car wether I want it or not. Ha ha ha.

So, sens I am going to have this car for a few year I have started to build a website stricktly for the work and progress I make on her. I will be posting the link to that when The page is done and ready to publish.(few days) Then every one that is interested can keep tabs on what I am doing.

Well, that is it for today, enjoy what we have left of nice weather and for all you that have nice weather all year, you suck. Sorry, I am just upset that I have to park my car for almost 6 months. GGGGGRRRRRRRR.

Update on Roxy

By spazz

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Sens my race, me and the club have found tones of stuff that need to be done to Roxy. I think we are going to start with DOT approved racing slicks. The tires I am running now don't get much grip on the street or track, just want something a bit stickier. Next on the list is suspension. The shocks right now are way soft because there old. So we are going to get new springs and shocks at the same time and lower her about 1.5 - 2 inches. I think with a lower stance and stiffer ride she will handle better and squat more out of the hole to give better grip. Last thing we want to do is upgrade the supercharger pulley. We are looking at a 10 -15 % and a better inner cooler. One other thing we are looking at doing is finding a way to put a trans cooler in. The trans is running way hot and we need to cool it off some.

The WRX I raced was definitely not stock and I was very impressed that I was able to keep up with him. But, I think with the up grades we are looking at doing I will be able to take him. Better handling, faster out of the hole, and faster exel out of the turns and I will be able to do more then keep up. I will be able to beet him out the hole or at least catch him.

O ya, I am def. going for the rematch.

What color

By spazz

I am trying to get some stuff together right now. Some body parts and what not. But, when I am done, I will need to paint Roxy. The only prob I have is I cant decide what color to paint her. I like the red, but, I want something that is different. and if I am going to put the money and time into paint I want what I want. What colors do you all think would look good. My wife said pink. I'm thinking not so much. something that will stand out and not get me pulled over. Let me know what you think. I am all ears.

Bad day

By spazz

Today was a bad day. One of those things that you only see in commercials happened and it felt like it I was in a movie. This is not as bad as the firetruck that parked on that guys car, but for me, it was bad.

My wife and I got a new A/C for our apartment. (yall know were this is going) I was putting it in and was having some problems so I asked the nabor for help. I had him hold the A/C so I could slide the peaces in. Well, he dropped it. It bounced off the overhang under the window and into the side of my car.

The damage was miner-ish. The cord wiped the ruff and knocked two spots off paint off, there is a good size scratch in the door were the corner of the A/C hit it, and a dent. The dent is right were the black molding is and under the molding it made a crease. Will take some work to fix all this but it could have been worse. Nobody got hurt and it didn't drop threw the window.

Part two of the bad day, when I got home there was a dent in the driver side door. (opposite side as were the A/C hit) But it was not bad but it took it down to bare metal.

Yes, my car was having a bad day yesterday and I didnt even drive her. Think about how bad it would have been if I was on the road. Ya, it was one of those days that she knew she should not leave bed. So, I let her sleep.

Things going on and looking for seggestions.

By spazz

I took Roxy out yesterday and took her for the real drive. Turns out that the Anti light came back on and The brake light comes on when I hit the brake. As frustrating as that is, I am just glad I have back brakes now. The big problem is done. Now I just need to work on the small stuff. I am positive the brake light is on because I did not bleed the brakes right. I was in a rush and just got it done. So, I will be doing that today, the right way. Then I have an appointment with the dealer to get the codes ran for the anti light. I am hoping that all they need to do is reset the ABS. But, we will see what they say tomorrow. So, right now I am able to drive her.....That's the important part. And I can work on the small problems with her when I get the time. The check engine light also came on now. I think this is because I put a new K&N air filter on and its getting to much air. But, I will have the dealer run that to, just to make sure.

New projects for this week. I gotta get the paint for her and fix some serfist rust and take the bumper off the POS and paint that to. I am also going to look into arm rests for the doors. I was told I could make my own out of fiberglass. Dont know how hard that will be but I will be looking into it. I am also thinking about putting the stock tires back on and possibly dropping her 3in. or so. I am also hopping that I can get the trans out and in to get the syncros done.

Thats it for now. soon I will have the car of my dreams and be ready to start the next one. My wife will not be happy about that, so I wont tell her till its time. LOL.

Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas for the projects for the week or would like to make a suggestion feel free to post a comment or send me a privet msg.



By spazz

Ok, I think it has been 14 weeks sens I started this 3 hour project. But tonight we finally finished. Ended up being every master cylinder I got had a bad part. So, we were finally able to put all the parts together and build ONE good master. The brakes are working great and she is back on the road. I am so excited, Im sure that some of you out there know the feeling. Got her done just in time to spend the day cleaning her and making her sparkal again and still make it to the slot in the show on fri.

I do want to thank all the people that have been helping me from a far. I would not have gotten this project done if it was not for there knowledge and in some cases pages from the ford book. Thank you all for your support and kind words.


By spazz

I put some more pics up. Got some things to make ROXY better and other cars in my driveway. The blue Geo is my wifes car and the black T-bird is a parts car. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I dont know what plan B is, or am I on G. I forgot

By spazz

I took this parts car apart. when I picked it up the ABS pump was working. when I got it home it was not. SO, I connected the modual and then connected the pump strait to the battery. The pump kicked on and was working great. I then put the pump in the car and connected all the harness. Turn the key and The pump dont work. I still have a stiff petal and don't have fluid going to the back. I dont know what to do know. If anyone has an idea please feel free to give input. I can use all the help I can get at this point.

New plan

By spazz

I found a new T-bird down in IL. This one is in real ruff shape but I could not pass it up. when I was driving it home the steering wheel almost fell off and almost went into a Doge extended cab head on. This had to be the scariest drive of my life. Parts were falling off and everything. I feel bad for the people behind me, but, it will teach people to tailgate. well i pulled over before they actually fell off. But, we did stop 2 or three times because things were dragging.

I got this car because I still cant get the brakes working on Roxy. The brakes on this car I just picked up work great. So, when I wake up in the morning I will be back in the garage going at it one more time. I did go to the shop and have them look at Roxy. They were going to charge me 100 to look at it. When they called me to pick her up they said "we cant get the parts you need, so just take it home and good luck." They did not charge me to look at it and gave a list of what was needed. SO, the pump, accumulator, and modual are all good on this car and that is the list they gave me. I am really hopping this fixes my car and gets it back on the road.

If anyone out there needs parts for a T-bird I will be parting this black one out when I get what I need off. let me know and I will be happy to send pics. I will also post pics of this on my profile so you have a good idea what it will have.

About to cry

By spazz

I have spent over 6 weeks trying to fix my ABS. I still don't know what is wrong with it and the last week has been like a roller coaster for me. I do something and think I found the problem. I get all excited and find out that it was not what was wrong. Then I do it all again. I am officially done with this problem. I have decided to take it to the shop and have them do the work. This is a big hit on my pride because I have never been forced to pay someone els to do my work. I think it will be OK this one time. I found a guy that knows what he is talking about and loves the Thunderbird SC modal. He works at the Ford dealer so I will get the car fixed but the cost is going to be up in the clouds.

Bottom line. I am going to suck it up and pay the shop. I should have stuck to the older cars. They were so easy to work on.

Final dission on name.

By spazz

For every one that takes the time to read my babble, I wanted to let you know that I decided on a name. I had a few picked out and let the car decide. This is one of them things that makes me think the car has a personality. I was talking to her and every time I came up with a name she did nothing. The weird part is when I said the final name the alternator just started working again. The alternator stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I had the car running on just the battery and threw out this name and the car is running great. battery is charging and everything. I don't know what happened but she must like the name.

So her name is now Roxanne. I will call her Roxy for short.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that think I am crazy for thinking that a car can have a personalty like this, but I have had 56 cars. I am only 25 and I started keeping track when I was 17. Every car I had did the same thing. It would give me nothing but problems till I smashed it or gave it a name. for some reason after she was named everything would just work great.

I am still working on the brake problem. I think I got to the bottom of the problem now. The master is getting stuck somehow. I think the kid that owned it before tried to take it apart and messed something up inside. I am going to try and bleed the master fist because I noticed a lot of air bubbles. If that does not work I am going to try and pull the master apart and replace parts internally. If that dose not work I will have to take it to a shop or change the master over to none ABS.

I am confident that with the new name she will work with me now rather than against me.

what should I name her?

By spazz


Ok, so I have had this car now for a few months. I still have not given her a name. I am looking for suggestions.

She is a sexy little car. red with black leather inside. She needs a sexy name.


I thought of some names.

Latin for bloody, blood red

Latin for cherry red

another project not complet

By spazz

I got ahead of myself on my last blog. I got all the parts put together and put in the car. That is the project I completed. Now, I am having problems bleeding the brakes. I got the front brakes bleed just fine but there is no fluid going to the back end. I have checked every thing. I got fluid from he master, fluid going to the proportioning valve. I also took the line off the caliper and put a air hose on it. I got air going threw the line. The dealer said I need a pressure bleeder. So my friend is coming out today and going to help me. I hope this works.

I do have a back up plain. If this don't work, I am going to have to suck up my pride and take it to a shop. OOOO I really hope this works. I think she is testing me. She wants to push my buttons and see how far I will go to fix her. (sounds like a female)

another project completed.

By spazz

So, I ripped my car apart today. Found out the reason my brakes were so messed up because the relay and the pump. O what a headache. I ended up taking the first master cylinder apart and put the second one togeather, the noticed that some parts would not work. So, I had to take the second apart and put the parts on the first. Took all day, I hate when that happens. But, It is done. So, I can now drive like a pissed off teenager again. lol. well, at least when that taxi cuts me off next time I can stop and not get hit. (Taxis dont like my car for some reason.) well, just wanted to let every one know that its done.

The next project is the sincros in the trans and a paint job. After the trans work I get to do all the fun stuff. (If my wife lets me) Cant wait,


By spazz

So, my next project is under way. I have been looking for a master cylinder and all the parts that go with it for my 92 Thunderbird. So far the cheepist I found was 400 used. I found this kid that was parting out his bird and talked him into selling me the master for $20. Before I could get it the car went to the scrap yard and the yard was plaining on crushing it the same day. I went out there and talked the yard into letting me take what I needed for $20. (NOT EASY) So I got the master and a hole trunk load of parts for my car. SSSSSSSSooooooooooo excited!

So this week I am going to be pulling my old master and putting the new one on. Looking forwerd to having brakes again. The only trick is going to be that the back calipers have not been used sens 03 or 04. I dont have the money for calipers right now and driving with the brakes the way they are is messing up other things. So, I have to try and get this done with the old calipers and hope they still work.



By spazz

I just put up some pics of my car. She is nothing special....yet!

It took me a bit to figure out how to put the pics on the puter, so I will have pics of the interer and engine later. I will also post new pics as I get stuff done.


By spazz

So, I finished putting the rack and pinion on. I think Red is just as excited as I am.So I took it for a run. The back end seemed to be kinda loss. When I hit the gas the back end swung pretty good and I didn't even try. Don't know why, I did nothing to the back end. I think that she was just happy that she got fixed. The only thing that I found that I still need to do is get the front end a lined. Pulls kinda hard to the left and the steering wheel is not strait. But, she is back on the road.

I have a question if any of you read my posts maybe you can answer this. I understand that the Thunderbird's are known for wheel hop when spinning the tires. My T-Bird did this for the first time today. I know this can hurt my car. I was wondering if this is in fact comin and whats the chances of it killing my car. And finally, what can I do to stop it from hopping.

Almost finished with first project!

By spazz

Today I finished putting the rack and pinion on. How ridiculous! I could not get it all apart, so I just broke the metal hose. then when it came time to put it all togeather I could not understand how I was suposed to get in there to put the hose back on. I started this project yesterday at around noon and finished today at around midnight. All and all I think that this project took about 17 hours so far. The upsetting part is, I couldn't finish putting it together because it was to late and I cant use the air compressor. First thing in the morning I am getting that out. My son goes to school at 8, so I will be up at 7 pissing the neighbors off. They should be up any way.

I am concerned about this. The outside of one of the hoses ripped. It isn't all the way threw the center, but if I have to take that all apart again I am going to be really upset. The worst part is that I have to wait till morning to find out if I did good. But its all part of the fun.

I know there were supposed to be pics up today but I had to fix this problem before I worry about that. They will be up soon.

hey yall

By spazz

Today I dropped the rack and pinion. It was leaking rely bad. So, I get it all taken apart and don't have the proper tools to disconnect the power steering hoses. So I had to stop so I can get what I need and finish it in the morning. I apsalutly hate it when I cant finish a job.

I also wanted to say that I will be posting pics later today. (gotta wait for the sun to come up)

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