Cool Off

October 15th, 2009

0606_st_new_truck_parts_flex_a_lite_radiator_sFlex-a-lite introduces new cross-flow radiators with patented Flex-a-fit side tank design. Internal fins perform as heat sinks, absorbing heat more quickly from the engine coolant, and then radiating it through external fins to dissipate heat twice as efficiently.

The unique external fin design integrates limitless fastening points into the tank itself, transforming the radiator into a convenient bracket for attaching expansion tanks, electric fans, oil coolers, etc. This new side tank design turns an otherwise tough radiator swap into a simple installation using a few drilled brackets. Flex-a-lite radiators are all-aluminum with two-row core 1-inch/26mm tubes, and three different core sizes with inlets on either the left or right side of the tank (inlet 1.5 inches and outlet 1.75 inches). Radiators can be purchased separately or included with the Flex-a-lite electric fans to cover 100 percent of the core. For more information, contact Flex-a-lite Consolidated, Dept. STTR, P.O. Box 580, Milton, WA 98354, call 800.851.1510 or visit their Web site at (http://www NULL.flex-a-lite


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