High Performance Spark

October 15th, 2009

0607_st_new_truck_parts_zex_spark_plugs_sThe ZEX(tm) V-8 Spark Plug Kits is available in two levels, the Power Tune(tm) Kit (P/N 82073) for engines up to 400 horsepower and the Power Racer(tm) Kit (P/N 82074) for nitrous, supercharged and turbo-equipped engines up to 700 horsepower.

Both kits include eight spark plugs, and they feature ZEX patented Clean Fire(tm) technology. Clean Fire incorporates three additional ground straps to super clean the center electrode by burning off excess carbon to ensure you get the maximum ignition power possible and superior resistance to ignition fouling. Best of all, ZEX high performance spark plugs feature Igniter Core(tm) technology, which uses copper electrodes surrounded by a durable nickel shell to conduct electricity and heat, making it over five times better than platinum and almost three times better than iridium. For more information, contact ZEX at 888.817.1008, or visit www.zex.com (http://www NULL.zex NULL.com).




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