Garage Art

July 19th, 2010

Text By Travis Noack

If you are like me the only room in the house your wife will let you touch is the garage. I spend most of my time at home out there anyway so being a full throttle gear head when we moved into the house 3.5 years ago I began putting stuff up on the walls of the garage. Tin speed shop signs, pictures of trucks I have owned and built, drag racing swag etc. Well after all this time of putting stuff up I am almost out of space. A good friend of mine has commented that my garage is starting to look like a TGI Friday’s restaurant and that the garage definitely has an excess of FLAIR.

I don’t plan on stopping but the space is getting tight. Should I start tackling the drywall ceiling? Tack more stuff onto the wood beams above? Undoubtedly there will be more photos and art to come. The only other thing to do is move and get a bigger garage. If the wife has anything to say about it that bigger garage better come with a bigger house too.


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