Pickup Lines: July 2006

October 15th, 2009

0607_st_travis_noack_column_sWhat do you want out of StreetTrucks?

This hot and not so little issue you hold in your hands marks lucky number 7 for the current team of editors here at StreetTrucks and we hoped you have continued to enjoy the magazine since myself, Jeremy Cook, and John O’Neill took the reins. Every month we are faced with the challenging task of reinventing our product and trying feverishly to assemble a diverse and eye-catching package stuffed with all the body dragging, spark tossing, camshaft rumbling, and candy paint glistening action that makes this hobby so darn addicting. Since taking on the magazine as co-editors, Jeremy Cook and I have tried to cover a wider range of material in the pages of ST to appeal to a wider audience of readers in the hope that we may get the true enthusiast lurking inside so many people to come out. Our cover trucks have ranged from running board laying classics to fully modified late models, and we are always looking for fresh and new material to make our magazine stand out even further from the pack.

My question to you is are you happy with the look and direction of the magazine? Is there something we are not doing currently that you would like to see or read about? What is your take on lifted trucks in the magazine and on the cover? Do they belong or should their presence be mostly reserved for off-road titles? What is your feeling on the current technical articles running through StreetTrucks? In your opinion, is the tech diverse enough or are we swaying too far in one direction? We are trying to blend the elements of performance, suspension, paint and body, audio, and interior into the magazine as much as possible and I would like to hear from you about what we can do to make your reading and viewing experience more pleasurable. As you can tell from the past seven issues we are not afraid to put a super sick classic truck or something with a solid blanket of color on the cover  as long as it is visually stunning and enhances the look of the magazine. In our technical efforts the “Extreme Takeover” section has successfully combined a number of tech articles into one expanded story that we feel is helping a large amount of readers modify their trucks. Are you enjoying the “Extreme Takeover” section? What can we do differently to make it better? What about “Two-minute Tech?” Is this section covering some ground for you and providing simple and solid ways to enhance your truck’s appearance or performance? What can we change, if anything, about the “Builders Profile,” “Manufactures Profile” and “Artists Profile” sections of the magazine? We feel that these sections are important to show our readers who is building the best parts and the hottest rides and who can create the ultimate concept on paper to help light a fire under a custom truck build-up.

Our goal here at StreetTrucks is to appeal to a wide audience of readers and gather interest from the simple enthusiast all the way up to the enthusiast who’s not afraid to grab onto a plasma cutter, welder and a grinder and stay in the garage until he or she has created something everyone will drool over. I’ve done enough talking this month, so now it is your turn. Send us your letters and tell us what we can do to make your walk to the mailbox or trip to the newsstand even more exciting(travis.noack@apg-media.com). Until next month, keep dragging the frame rails, cranking the hair metal and cruising until the needle hits empty.


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