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Friday, October 7th, 2011

Owner: Tim Ferguson; 2000 Dodge Dakota SRT-8; Phoenix, AZ; Negative Camber

It’s the Truck Everyone Loves That Gets No Love

Dakota owners are an odd bunch. Sure, the Dodge-built midsize pickup has a loyal following, mostly because of the optional V-8 engine, but the truck never really has caught on in the mainstream. That’s unfortunate, because when someone takes the time and effort to turn one into the masterpiece like what’s on these next few pages, it really makes the rest of the world take notice. (more…)

Blue Velvet

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Barry Guidry; 1984 Chevy C-10; Houma, LA; Negative Camber

One Classy and Deeply Detailed Square Body

Building a head-turning custom pickup requires a delicate balance of the right mods to pull off a look that drops jaws and appeals to a wide audience of gearheads. We have a word in the truck scene that we use to describe the perfect look that gets sweeter with age, and that word is “timeless.” If you keep the color combination mellow, toss a classic set of rollers under the fenders, and seal the envelope with just the right touch of mods, chances are the truck is going to remain a stunner for years to come. (more…)


Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Kareem; 1972 Chevy C-10; Deerfield Beach, FL; Miranda Built, Inc.

A Classic 900-Horse, Tire-Roastin’ C-10

Hot rod trucks that can be driven in a variety of performance situations have skyrocketed in popularity during the past few years. Something you can enjoy in a straight line with asphalt-blistering horsepower and also fly around a corner with a yank of the wheel has a certain mystique. When you are searching for full-throttle, pin-your-back-to-the-seat performance it’s pretty hard to beat a big-block. There’s a certain satisfaction in driving a “sleeper,” which is a truck that looks completely innocent on the surface, but once you pop the hood you’ll find a power plant that will send the competition packing. (more…)

Texas Tea

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Owner: William Hood, 2001 GMC Sierra, Willis, TX

A Hot Rod Sierra

We make plenty of decisions on a daily basis, and some are more drastic than the choice of soup or salad at lunch. William Hood of Willis, Texas, picked up a bone-stock ‘01 GMC Sierra, and after cruising it around, he decided to customize it. He is an electrician who often works overseas, so the build began slowly, but William got hooked on the process and picked up the pace. As his enthusiasm increased, William decided to turn his mild truck into a full-blown show vehicle. He located a trio of reliable shops in the Conroe area, and that’s when the ball really got rolling. (more…)

Orange Blossom Special

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Neil and Jackie Utt - 1957 Ford F-100 - Mt. Airy, NC

Not many people can say they have owned or been around the same vehicle for 52 years, but it seems like years ago people used to keep their trucks a lot longer than they do today. Neil Utt of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, has been bonded to the orange ’57 F-100 stretched across these pages since he was knee high to a grasshopper. The truck was purchased by his father, James Utt, in 1959 and was dear old dad’s daily driver until 1994 when he handed Neil the keys with a request to make her shine again. This old workhorse had been run hard hauling numerous loads of gravel and wood throughout Neil’s youth, and when he turned 16, Neil even took his driver’s test behind the wheel of the trusty old Ford. Fishing and hunting trips in the truck with dad when Neil as a kid and memories of teen date nights, fueled the rebuild of the original red and white two-tone pickup. (more…)


Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Owner: Jason Mulligan, 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, Anaheim Hills, CA, Relaxed Atmosphere

Performance and Luxury Fill This Custom Silverado

Let’s face it, we cannot leave any stock truck alone. It just doesn’t happen—it’s in our blood. The passion to personalize, customize and stand out from the rest is why we do what we do. The creativity, passion and fun make all of the work worthwhile. Since my current daily driver had actually become a show truck, I went in search of a new truck to serve as my workhorse. My truck, Flashback, was having tons of work done to it, including a custom interior and full custom paint. (more…)

Micro Machines

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The Hottest Mini-Trucks to Build

Mini-trucks have been popular for several years because they are affordable and get great fuel mileage. For many custom truck guys and gals the mini-truck movement has been going strong since their high school days, when import pickups with cranked down torsion bars, lowering blocks and Porsche alloys ruled the streets. When air shocks were introduced to the scene, mini-truck fanatics could not wait to get their tiny treasures even further in the weeds as they rolled with the sun shining into the cab through a sliding ragtop, cranking Rob Bass. It’s wild to see how the trends have evolved from machined 16-inch Suburban wheels and chrome Pathfinder wheels to body drops and billets. Those kids who were once rolling to river runs with just enough money for fuel, beer and a bag of chips are all grown up now and building minis that are flat on the ground with tons of body modifications and even some with V-8 power. There is another generation of truck kids right behind them, hungry to start on a project. (more…)

Syborg TT

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Owner: Martin McGuire, 1992 GMC Sonoma, Downers Grove, IL

This Sonoma Puts Down Plenty of Twin Turbo Power

The fundamental notion of hot rodding is putting a massive amount of power into a small package. Looking good while doing it doesn’t hurt either. In the truck world, the S-10 and Sonoma platforms fill the bill for small packages that still have plenty of room under the hood to make a massive rubber footprint when the gas pedal is slammed down. (more…)


Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Tom Price, 2000 Dodge Ram, Olive Branch, MS, Negative Camber

Tom Price’s 2000 Dodge Ram

The show board that Tom Price of Olive Branch, Mississippi, puts out for his ‘00 Dodge Ram kind of reads like a who’s-who of the truck scene in the Dirty South.  When you find out that Don Bracken from Innovative Customs, Clyde from Silver Star Customs, Eric from Little Shop of Horrors and Billy at Unique Custom Fabrications have all had a hand in building this drop-dead gorgeous Ram, it all starts to make sense. (more…)

Family Ties

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Owner: Sara Mata, 1985 Chevrolet C-10, Georgetown, TX, Aftermath

Friends and Family Came Together to Build this Blue Pearl C-10

Building and showing custom trucks can take a bit of a toll on relationships. The late nights spent working in the garage with your friends can in some cases end up with you sleeping on the couch. But thankfully, Milo Reyna and Sara Mata both share a love of custom trucks and attending shows with friends from their club, Aftermath. (more…)