No Limit Challenge

June 21st, 2011

Text by Travis Noack

Photos by Travis Noack and Courtney Halowell

Trucks and Muscle Cars Battle It Out at Adams Motorsports Park

In today’s world of high-performance trucks it’s not enough to go fast in a straight line. To hang with the big boys you need to be able to hammer through the hairpins and carve the corners. Several suspension and brake companies have tuned their products toward that effort. There is simply nothing like pounding on the skinny pedal and shaking your fist at the shifter as you throttle your way through a curvy asphalt playground. Rob MacGregor, owner of No Limit Engineering, has a strong addiction to hot rods, and playing with them in various performance situations. Throughout the past year, he has held the autocross throttle wide open campaigning his Silver Bullet ‘55 Ford F-100.  This truck is most definitely packed with performance from wheel to wheel. Seeing a shift in build direction from trophy-stealing show rides to asphalt-blistering track trucks, Rob wanted to tailor some of his own product line toward speed and performance, so a track day was put on the books. Dubbed the No Limit Challenge and held at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California, the event drew quite an impressive field of rides, and the competition was fierce between trucks and muscle cars. Featured events included the Time Attack, Baer Brake Trap and burnout contest. Check out some of the corner-carving, brake-stomping and tire-blazing action from the 1st Annual No Limit Challenge. If you think a truck can’t hang with the muscle, cars think again. Several trucks are heating it up on the autocross circuit this year, and with the right parts, they can do anything a well-equipped muscle car can do.

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Vehicles and Drivers

No Limit Engineering: ’55 Ford F-100, Rob and Tina MacGregor

Bully Dog Performance: ‘10 Dodge Charger, Mike DeFord

Speed Tech Performance: ‘70 Chevy Nova ResurreXion, Blake Foster

Hess Motorsports: ‘10 Convertible Mustang, Tom

Hess Motorsports: Back Road Race Mustang, Eric Cheney

Saints Motorsports: ‘10 Camaro, Brandon

Campbell Customs: ‘67 Camaro, Johnny Campbell

HardKore: ‘04 Chevy Silverado, Marcel Venable

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