Scrapin’ the Coast

November 4th, 2009


Casinos, Beaches, Girls, and Trucks—What Could be Better?

If there were a recipe for a utopian car show, some of the ingredients would include tons of girls, great food, friends, casino gambling, and entertainment aside from the custom cars and trucks. SEMA in Las Vegas comes to mind as a show that combines all of those elements, but what if you threw the ocean and sandy beaches into the mix as well?

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Scrapin’ the Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi, a town famous for its beachfront casinos and fisherman. For a few days during the humid month of June, the town is filled with custom truck and car enthusiasts from all over the country, thousands of custom vehicles and people, in fact. The show held every year at Gulf Coast Coliseum was host to over 2,300 vehicles and nearly 15,000 spectators during the three-day weekend. Ricky Holly once again took home Best of Show for his ’71 C-10, while Down South Rollers and Alter Images tied for club participation. The huge show could not have come together without the help of title sponsor, Empress Audio & Marine. Some of the other sponsors included Scion, Bud Light, Treasure Bay Casino, Kinetik, Kicker, Never Satisfied Customs, Keef’s Rod & Customs, Kingpin Autosports, and Rent N’ Roll.

Across the street from the show, memories of hurricanes in years past are still apparent in the rusted, broken pylons and cement foundations that used to be home to piers, hotels and restaurants. The casinos moved a few blocks in for safety purposes and were host to show-goers day and night. The nightlife was reminiscent of one of Mississippi’s other legendary shows, Showfest, in Greenville. With all of the casinos and hotels along Beach Boulevard, the strip was home to hundreds of cruising cars and trucks, with spectators enjoying the displays of burnouts and general humorous stupidity. After the after party, casinos and hotels such as Treasure Bay offered up gambling, drinks and a massive buffet, featuring some of the best seafood that the South has to offer.
Next year’s show promises to be bigger and badder than ever before. Greg Miller has reserved three times the amount of space that was allotted for this year’s event so that no one will be left out of the show. The event will take place over four days next year, spanning June 24-27! Visit for more information.

ST-0911-COAST-04 ST-0911-COAST-09 ST-0911-COAST-10
We captured this spy shot of the next Lamborghini concept car at the show—or not.
This extended cab Silverado was freshly chopped for the show. It will soon find its rockers on the ground to complete the look.
This is what 100 percent humidity (according to our psychrometer) does to a camera lens early in the morning.
ST-0911-COAST-13 ST-0911-COAST-14 ST-0911-COAST-15
Marcel Venable’s old Nissan Hardbody from last year’s May cover found its way to Mississippi by way of Big Bill Watson. Within a few short weeks of receiving the mini, a massive motor was dropped into the truck. It caught eyes all weekend long and was chosen by Greg Miller for the Promoter’s Choice award!
ST-0911-COAST-24 ST-0911-COAST-25
Pascal Barone IV’s retro-inspired Ranger made a big splash thanks to the intensive sheet metal work by The Little Shop of Horrors.


ST-0911-COAST-01 ST-0911-COAST-02 ST-0911-COAST-03
ST-0911-COAST-05 ST-0911-COAST-06 ST-0911-COAST-07
ST-0911-COAST-08 ST-0911-COAST-11
ST-0911-COAST-16 ST-0911-COAST-17 ST-0911-COAST-18
ST-0911-COAST-31 ST-0911-COAST-20 ST-0911-COAST-21
ST-0911-COAST-22 ST-0911-COAST-32 ST-0911-COAST-26
ST-0911-COAST-27 ST-0911-COAST-28 ST-0911-COAST-29
ST-0911-COAST-30 ST-0911-COAST-19 ST-0911-COAST-23


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