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December 8th, 2011

Text by Travis Noack

Photos by Travis Noack and Courtesy of CPP

The 1ST Annual Classic Truck Cruise and Shop Tour at Classic Performance Products

Sometimes it’s the local and informal events that are the most fun to attend. They provide a chance to rub elbows with enthusiasts on a more personal level and when an event is targeted specifically at trucks, well, you can guarantee that you are going to find some great iron to stare at and strike up a few noteworthy conversations with fellow truck guys and gals.

Classic Performance Products, located in Anaheim, California, specializes in steering, brakes and suspension for a variety of vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, and of course, trucks. They produce a variety of quality steering, brake and suspension components for classic Chevrolet and Ford platforms and have the goods to get your pride and joy in the weeds, stopping and steering like a champ.

To show their appreciation for their customers and invite enthusiasts to view their showroom and operations, CPP hosted a Classic Truck Cruise and Shop Tour on March 12 where over 100 classic Bow Tie and Blue Oval pickups and their smiling owners showed up to park their custom rides under the gorgeous California sunshine. A 10-mile cruise through the streets of Fullerton, Brea and Anaheim got the party started as cackling exhaust and rumbling camshafts provided the morning wake-up call. As participants rolled up to the parking lot at CPP, the crew had the shop opened up and available for a full tour through the facility. A ’79 C-10 was even put up on the rack so attendees could see all of CPP’s underpinnings installed on this popular classic platform. As the morning rolled on, paint was shined, wheels were wiped down, chrome was buffed and great conversations ensued. When the lunch bell rang, the Carl’s Jr. truck pulled up and the cook inside whipped up burgers courtesy of CPP. Cold drinks kept everyone’s temps in check, and multiple raffle prize giveaways had more than a few participants going home with awesome prizes. For more information on Classic Performance Products and the next CPP Classic Truck Cruise and Shop Tour, go to (http://www NULL.classicperform or dial 714.522.2000.


Classic Performance Products

Dept. STTR.

175 E. Freedom Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801

714.522.2000 (http://www NULL.classicperform

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