November 17th, 2009

Marquez Design Chiseled up One Slick C-10


Judas Carrasco
1969 Chevy C-10
Sacramento, CA

Loving what you do for a living is by far the most important part of putting your pants on and going to work everyday. You can make a whole lot of scratch, but if you are miserable, what’s the point of it all? For the gearhead guys at Marquez Design every day in their Sacramento, California-based shop is an adventure crafting trick pieces of billet aluminum designed for custom trucks and muscle cars. Transforming solid blocks of aluminum into trick, one-off parts allows for some pretty deep creativity on the CAD program and behind the CNC, and it’s a job Judas Carrasco takes very seriously with a healthy mix of passion and skill. As the Manufacturing Director for Marquez Design, Judas performs the duties of programming and machining using his skills to design parts from scratch. While filling his sleeves with scraps of sheared aluminum to bring new parts to market, this 33-year-old workaholic is not only committed to his position at Marquez, but to the custom truck, hot rod and car culture as a whole. When not sharpening design dimensions or hitting shows with Marquez owner Pascual Marquez, Judas is enjoying gearhead life behind the wheel of his 1969 Chevy C-10 short bed. The truck started its journey with Marquez as a design mule for product development and was built to its current state for the 2007 SEMA show. The most impressive part of this project build is the fact that Judas drives it daily, all while being LS powered, dropped on big wheels and detailed to perfection.

For the performance platform Judas and the rest of the Marquez team installed all of the best from Air Ride Technologies to get the rockers in the weeds and squeeze top-notch performance from the C-10 through the corners. For the ultimate in tarmac-tackling underpinnings, an Air Ride Technologies Street Challenge suspension kit was installed complete with upper and lower Strong Arm control arms, Cool Ride front ‘bags, and an Airbar rear setup all dampened with dual adjustable shocks. An Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro e2 compressor system and digital control system manages air delivery and evacuation whether Judas’ truck is aired up slightly for highway flogging or laid down for show. Level Pro ride height sensors allow for daily driven convenience as the truck airs up to preprogrammed levels once the key is turned, and the LS engine rumbles to life. What could be more appropriate for this Pro Touring truck than a Pro Touring wheel? For the perfect high tech, machined look, featuring a bit of European race influence, Judas selected 20 x 8-inch front and 20 x 10-inch rear Boze Pro Touring wheels with powder-coated centers all wrapped by BF Goodrich G-Force T/A rubber. Baer Brake Systems 13-inch Eradispeed front and rear rotors complete with C-5 corvette calipers up front clamp down hard to handle deceleration duties and keep Judas’ heavy foot in check.

Speaking of a heavy foot, the C-10 definitely packs some impressive artillery under the hood with a 420-horse LS1 custom tuned by Mark Romans. A COMP Cams bump stick does the rumbling, while twin SPAL 14-inch fans do the cooling, all hung from a custom-made radiator support. Flowmaster mufflers let the mill speak its piece, while a Street & Performance wiring harness gets the under hood harmonies going. Delivering this asphalt torcher to the pavement playgrounds of choice is a massaged 4L60-E transmission custom-built and tuned by Motor Sport Image & Performance out of Roseville, California. The fuel-injected powerhouse shotguns octane cocktails from a 17-gallon Rick’s Hot Rod Stainless fuel tank mounted between the rear frame rails, and gets its cranking juice from an Optima red top battery.

On the surface G-Code was smoothed with a shaved fuel filler, side trim and emblems. The front bumper was custom-designed by Marquez and fit with ’69 Camaro indicators, while ’76 C-10 side mirrors hang from the doors and DSE Bright Drivers headlights light up the NorCal roadways. Marquez Design taillight bezels wrap around Spaghetti Engineering LED taillights for a modern twist on classic style.  Brothers one-piece glass gives a seamless feel to the cab region, while Marquez Design side markers break up the sea of PPG Victory Red liquid flowing over the arrow-straight panels. Frankie Marquez out of Sacramento sprayed the bright red basecoat. The rear of the truck was finished off with a chrome replacement bumper tucked tight up to the tailgate and bed quarters for a more chiseled physique.

Diving into the interior, Judas kept things on the mild side for now with a ’92 Silverado bench seat with custom-designed Marquez door panels upholstered by Captain Roy out of West Sacramento. A Vintage Air Gen II A/C unit and custom controls flow cool air throughout the cockpit, while power windows and a Flaming River steering column hooked to an ’86 C-10 steering box adds some extra driving comfort. A Painless wiring harness flows the circuit through the truck from bumper to bumper, and Air Ride Technologies controls get the suspension off the ground for cruising and on the ground for showing off.

Judas Carrasco has, with the help of Pascual Marquez, Pedro Marquez, Adan Marquez, Frankie Marquez, built one impressive C-10 that can do battle at shows and perform when it’s time to hammer the skinny pedal and let the power-packed combination deliver. “G-Code” features everything a muscle-style hot rod truck should have in its build docket, making it a tough act to follow for early C-10 enthusiasts.

ST-0910-C10-01; ST-0910-C10-02 ST-0910-C10-03
Filling the wheel wells quite nicely are 20-inch Boze Pro Touring wheels mounted on BF Goodrich G-Force T/A rubber, measuring P245/40ZR20 front and P295/40ZR20 rear, for the perfect, staggered, hot rod truck combination
Marquez Design taillight and side marker bezels add subtle style to the C-10’s exterior looks.
Motivated by an LS1 belting out strong rumbles with a COMP Cams bump stick and Flowmaster microphones, this little C-10 means business. Marquez Design machined the custom radiator support panel.
ST-0910-C10-05 ST-0910-C10-06 ST-0910-C10-04
Captain Roy covered custom door panels shaped by Marquez Design.
The interior is fairly basic but provides the perfect “office” for high performance missions. Modern conveniences like power windows, a Vintage A/C unit and updated steering from Flaming River lend a touch of the contemporary.


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