The Top 10 Trucks of 2010

February 3rd, 2011


We have reached that time of year again when the staff of Street Trucks reviews the past year of magazine issues in an attempt to choose 10 trucks for our Top 10 Trucks of the Year competition.  Looking deep into every contender we consider everything from paint and body modifications, chassis and suspension set-up, stance and detail, interior and audio treatments, fit and finish and innovation and ingenuity. Many of the trucks that made the cut this year not only had all the best custom ingredients, but were finished with a unique style or innovative custom direction that inspired and launched new trends in the scene and industry.  We proudly present to you the Top 10 Trucks of 2010.

Street Trucks Truck of The Year 2010

Street Trucks Truck of The Year 2010

Second Chance

Eric Steinbrecher

1967 Chevy C-10

Noack: Steinbrecher’s truck put our chins on the pavement from the moment we laid eyes on it at the Grand National Roadster Show. With its World War II bomber theme carried out in precise detail, there was a polished and plated surprise around every curve. It was refreshing to see a 1967-72 C-10 built on a different slant, and the mellow green hue accented with subtle Second Chance “badging” kept the envelope clean and simple as the polished shotgun scoop and dual carbs shouted the hot rod tune. What I liked most about Steinbrecher’s truck is that it was finished everywhere you looked, and the bomber theme was executed at the perfect level, snagging attention, but not overpowering the Chevy.  The way the truck was crafted to tie in retro and modern modifications pulled the focus of both young and old enthusiasts. The absence of chrome on the exterior really made the lines flow, and the whole build was well balanced with a tight fit and finish from grille to roll pan and roof to rocker.  With all of this clean style and innovative craftsmanship socking us in the face, Steinbrecher’s truck clinched the 2010 Street Trucks Truck of The Year title.

Mulligan: Eric Steinbrecher’s C-10 caught our eyes at the Grand National Roadster show where it took home first place and Best Truck Motor awards. Eric took a World War II bomber theme and did it with class. The intricate detailing of the brass and aluminum riveted seats and door panels also continued into the bed. When we think of a truck deserving of the Truck of the Year award, there are a few elements it must have. For one, it must have that appeal that stops us in our tracks and drops our jaws. This was taken care of by the low stance and polished shotgun scoop sticking through the hood. Once we were drawn in, the insane detailing of the custom brass and aluminum rivets on the panels that we mentioned earlier really set things apart from other C-10s. Of course, quality is a concern as well, and Eric’s C-10 has it in spades. Innovation is key, and while the World War II theme has been done before, this C-10 accomplished it tastefully without going overboard and still kept its hot rod style. Imagine if a vet home straight from the big one built this truck in honor of his fighter plane. The hand-riveted panels and detail work truly shine. Finally, the entire truck inside and out was redone and fully detailed. The truck also has a wide appeal that everyone, young and old, can appreciate thanks to the detailed work, low stance and insane blower motor. For those reasons we choose it as our 2010 Street Trucks Truck of the Year!

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