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Seven Deuce

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Le Phong, 1972 Chevy C-10, Humble, TX

A Restored C-10 Laid Flat and Stuffin’ 22s

Custom trucks require a delicate balance during their construction. Like good cologne, when you are whittling away at a badass custom hauler, less is sometimes more. In recent years, the trend of restoring the appearance of classic pickups with all of the trim, emblems and factory character in place has taken off like wildfire. Of course, the stance still has to be at pavement-etching level and burying a king size set of rollers in the ‘wells is a must, but the restored trucks seem to be the ones stopping traffic at shows nowadays. It probably has a lot to do with their simplicity. (more…)

This Silverado is Green With Envy

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Paul Dolgner 2004 Chevy Silverado La Verkin, UT Severed Ties

Every custom truck has a unique story behind its build. When setting your eyes on flawless bed-equipped beauty, laid flat out at a show, or stretched across the pages of your favorite truck magazine, it’s guaranteed there is a great story about how it got there. Paul Dolgner of La Verkin, Utah, has been addicted to custom trucks for the past 16 years, initially being influenced by his cousin Jared, who had a lowered S-10 when Paul was a youngster. Fast forward several years and three custom trucks, one S-10 Blazer and one Regal on hydros (we’ll pretend that didn’t happen) later, and Paul was itching for another custom truck. For the first three years the Silverado was in the Dolgner stable it served as a daily driver dropped on some custom rolling stock with a bit of stereo work. His wife at the time did not support his custom truck hobby, and after encouraging him to sell his last custom truck, surely she was not going to green light another build. Paul hung loose for a while, but the build itch was beginning to creep back up. After a divorce and a bad accident where the truck was rear-ended, Paul dug into the Silverado by shaving a few things and adding some graphics. His custom itch was satisfied for a while, but the bug to go full throttle bit again, luckily right around the time Paul met his wife Brittney, who inspired him to create his dream truck, backing him up 100 percent of the way. (more…)

The Top 10 Trucks of 2010

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


We have reached that time of year again when the staff of Street Trucks reviews the past year of magazine issues in an attempt to choose 10 trucks for our Top 10 Trucks of the Year competition.  Looking deep into every contender we consider everything from paint and body modifications, chassis and suspension set-up, stance and detail, interior and audio treatments, fit and finish and innovation and ingenuity. Many of the trucks that made the cut this year not only had all the best custom ingredients, but were finished with a unique style or innovative custom direction that inspired and launched new trends in the scene and industry.  We proudly present to you the Top 10 Trucks of 2010.


A ‘Bagged and Body-Dropped Dime Built on Pure Passion

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Most custom trucks on the road today started with a dream and a stock pickup begging to be set flat on the ground and smoothed from grille to tailgate. As we flex our creative muscle on sheet metal that drive to take a project further always lingers in our subconscious. Andrew Merkel of Webster, New York, is a custom truck fanatic at heart, and built the metallic blue, body-dropped S-10 laid flat out across these pages as a way to shout his best tune into the custom truck microphone. We heard you, Andrew, and toss a king-sized thumb in the air for this little blue jewel that puts chins on the pavement in Upstate New York.


Color Blind – A Masterful Chevy with Plenty of Detail

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

white silverado lead

Eye catching is usually used in reference to trucks with plenty of flash, and splashed in bright colors. However, in the case of Tim Donelson’s Silverado, dubbed “Color Blind” he went another direction completely, yet the truck still catches eyes at every sow. The body was kept entirely white inside and out, it was a risk, but one that Tim was willing to take. To make a bold statement, Tim knew that he would have to pull out a few tricks rarely seen before to make the truck stand out against a sea of flashy trucks in the Texas state. Once all was said and done, the truck hit the show circuit in force snagging Best Of trophies at every event it attended. Thankfully, the white color hides the drool that onlookers are sure to leave after examining all of the unique bodywork and cleanliness of the truck.


Street Trucks 10th Anniversary Awards

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Photos From the ST Archives

Over the last 10 years, many of the most iconic and still-talked-about custom trucks have found their way onto the covers and pages of Street Trucks. We started out this issue with the intention of picking the top 10 trucks from the past decade. Soon, we found ourselves overwhelmed with all of the insane, full-blown custom trucks across the issues. After much debating, arguing and a pile of blow-in cards, we wound up with the top 20 trucks, as well as a few honorable mentions and special awards. Whittling the batch down even further would not do justice to the history of the past 10 years of Street Trucks.