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Framing the Foundation at Status with Suicide Doors, Flaming River and McGaughys Suspension

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The planning stages for Brass Tacks have been completed thanks to the talent of Carter Hickman Designs. The K5 Blazer will be transformed from a 4WD mudslinger into a slick roadster that’s flat on the ground with street rod and salt flat-inspired styling. We found the Blazer for a mere $200 after a few weeks of searching. While we could have spent more dough finding a rarer 2WD truck, most that we did find had suspicious bodywork or had been repainted. Ours 4WD was a little dinged up, but the original paint was intact, so we knew what we were working with. However, the 4WD setup would no longer work for bringing the K5 closer to Mother Earth. (more…)