Classic Chevy Nose Job

December 27th, 2011

Text And Photos By Courtney Halowell

Installing new Parts up Front From LMC Truck

Since the initial body swap that landed our 1953 Chevy pickup body on an already airbagged 1994 S-10 chassis, we have been spending our free time crossing things off our long list of individual jobs that will get our classic closer to rolling down the road. Last issue we showed you how we installed a wood bed floor, but we did it at a raised elevation to clear our S-10 chassis’ step notch. This month we’re moving up front where we’re installing new bumper brackets, chrome bumper, filler, grille assembly, headlight buckets, headlights and headlight trim rings.

If you’ve been following this build, you’ll probably notice the addition of an engine and transmission in between the frame rails since the last time you’ve seen the truck. Well, the engine is a 1993 Chevy 350 that we horse-traded some parts for, and the transmission is a 4L60E that we pulled out of another project. The engine was actually installed using a set of motor mounts from Trans Dapt as well as a set of Hedman headers that were both slated to be put in a V-8 in an S-10. But here’s the trick, we installed them upside-down and swapped them side to side to push the engine back instead of moving it forward. Honestly, we weren’t sure it was going to work, so that’s why we didn’t show it. The good news is that it did.

With the engine and transmission mounted, it was time to bolt the front fenders back on and install the new front-end parts from LMC Truck. The installation of the new parts onto the almost 60-year-old front sheet metal took some patience; after all, old sheet metal tends not to be straight and is pretty much set in its ways. So just remember to be patient and don’t be scared to break out the hammer and dolly set to realign old (read: bent) fenders, inner fenders, radiator supports or anything else that has seen better days. As you can tell by the photos, using a little patience when installing the shiny new parts goes a long way.



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