DJM Suspension, Ultra Wheels and Toyo Tires Give a 2002 Tahoe Some Attitude

January 28th, 2011

Text and Photos by Travis Noack



While the custom truck scene is packed with rides that sit flat on the ground and stuff giant wheels there is something to be said for a mild street cruiser that can haul people, tow a trailer, run parts and handle the daily commute while your show truck rests in the garage. A static drop can provide years of trouble-free cruising and set the attitude for your daily driver and still keep your truck practical.

BEFORE -- The Tahoe started out as stock as they come with a nosebleed stance and factory wheels and tires.

An SUV can be a great vehicle to serve as a family hauler, toy puller and daily work shuttle all in one shot, but like most vehicles, they are not very attractive in stock trim. The second generation Tahoe built from 2001-06 is a popular vehicle, and with literally thousands and thousands on the road, they service a lot of different needs.

The DJM 3/5 drop for the 2001-06 Tahoe comes with CalMax lower control arms (ball joints included and installed) for the front, drop coils, extended sway bar end links and 4-link drop-down brackets for the rear and front and rear replacement shocks.

Back when the second gen Tahoes were born aftermarket companies began building parts to lower them, lift them and style them up from grille to taillight. One of those companies that got in on the second gen Tahoe early and began building lowering components was DJM Suspension. DJM manufactures a variety of drop options and handling suspension offerings for trucks and SUVs, so when it came time to drop this ‘02 Tahoe we hooked up with DJM for one of their 3/5 CalMax lowering kits. To set off the stance we hooked up with Ultra Wheels for a set of its chrome 22-inch Predator wheels and Toyo Tires for a set of its Toyo Proxes STII tires. See how we gave this Tahoe some style with DJM, Ultra and Toyo.

To complement the new dropped stance of the Tahoe we will bolt up these chrome 22-inch Predator wheels from Ultra Wheels. The Predator has a clean six-spoke design with open teardrop slots in each spoke complemented by simulated bolts on the edge. It’s the perfect marriage of performance and luxury.


CGS Performance Products


DJM Suspension

Dept. STTR

580 W. 184th St.

Gardena, CA 90248

800.237.6748 (http://www NULL.djmsuspension

Toyo Tires

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6261 Katella Avenue

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714.236.2080 (http://www NULL.toyotires

Ultra Wheel Company

Dept. STTR

570 N. Gilbert St.

Fullerton, CA 92833


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