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December 22nd, 2011

Text and Photos by Marcel Venable

The Cure for Ditching Space-Hogging Stock Saddle Tanks on Your Square Body

One major bummer about the 1973-87 GM truck body style is the saddle tanks that sit outside of the frame rails on both sides of the truck just behind the cab. This design has even proved deadly, because the tanks are only protected by the bedside sheet metal and isn’t enough protection in the event of a side impact crash.

Of particular concern to the truck enthusiast is the fact that if you ever want to install a 4-link suspension to gain a horsepower advantage or an adjustable suspension stance, those god-awful saddle tanks are right in the way.

Besides, if you happen to own one of these trucks or have owned one in the past, you know what it’s like to jockey the truck around at the fuel station to fill both tanks. Another weakness of this design is the fuel tank selector switch, which is becomes increasingly unreliable the older it gets, and it can leave you stranded even though you have a full tank of fuel on one side.

In the past, some manufacturers have made replacement fuel tanks that are mounted to the rear of the axle. This design is far better, not only due to the fact that the tanks are protected by a rear cross member, but also because it frees the frame rails, creating a mounting point for a bracket system with a new suspension. Another advantage is the weight factor, making the truck ride better and even helping with traction.

The downside of many of the manufacturer’s new design is that the stock cross member remains in place, which limits the size tank that can be used.

No Limit Engineering (http://www NULL.nolimit has improved on the designs from many manufacturers by updating their own design for the 1973-87 C-10 replacement fuel tank. The tanks are hand built from aluminum for a long service life and feature baffling to prevent fuel from sloshing while the truck is in motion. Every tank is TIG welded and pressure tested to ensure a solid, leak-free unit. The kit also includes two steel replacement cross members, adding strength to the rear frame section and additional protection to the fuel tank.

Available as either a carbureted version for older vehicles, or as a fuel-injected version, the tank’s design allows you to grow into an electric fuel pump if required without the need to order a new tank. No Limit also offers a drop-in-style fuel pump that is sufficiently rated to run the majority of modern EFI systems.

Let’s take a look at how No Limit’s tanks are made and how one is installed.

To learn more, check out the install at (http://www NULL.motortopia under the “Speed Wrench” video section, or at (http://www NULL.nolimit


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