Framing the Foundation at Status with Suicide Doors, Flaming River and McGaughys Suspension

February 3rd, 2011

Text by Jason Mulligan

Photos Courtesy of Status

The planning stages for Brass Tacks have been completed thanks to the talent of Carter Hickman Designs. The K5 Blazer will be transformed from a 4WD mudslinger into a slick roadster that’s flat on the ground with street rod and salt flat-inspired styling. We found the Blazer for a mere $200 after a few weeks of searching. While we could have spent more dough finding a rarer 2WD truck, most that we did find had suspicious bodywork or had been repainted. Ours 4WD was a little dinged up, but the original paint was intact, so we knew what we were working with. However, the 4WD setup would no longer work for bringing the K5 closer to Mother Earth.

There are a few methods to get your K5 flat on the ground. Swapping the 4WD front setup to a 2WD will allow you to Z the frame 3 inches so that it tucks up higher than the rest of the frame. An easier and more updated route is to install a new raised front cross member from Suicide Doors. The kit not only raises the front cross member up 3 inches for clearance and provides all of the motor and transmission mounts needed. The provided control arms are of the Mustang II variety, and the cross member converts the steering over to a rack-and-pinion configuration. Heim joint tie rods, shocks and an anti-sway bar are also included in the package. The final added benefit of the Suicide Doors front cross member is that the track width is narrowed 2 1/4 inches and can be outfitted with C-10 drop spindles.

After raising the front cross member, one could then shave an inch or two off the bottom of the frame and box it in order to put the pinch on the pavement. However, with the 22 x 12-inch Colorado Custom Segundo wheels out back having an 8-inch lip means you’ll need 4.25 inches of backspacing. That also means that with a much narrower rearend by way of a Currie Enterprises Ford 9-inch, the stock frame would not work out back. Rather than rework the factory frame around all of the new components, the crew over at Status in Rockwall, Texas, will be creating a brand-new frame front to back. The most complicated part of creating any frame is the front section. Getting the correct geometry, mounts and control arm setup takes a lot of figuring out. Utilizing the Suicide Doors raised front cross member will take care of all of this for us and allow us to run the new frame rails using the kit as a base to handle the entire front end.

A set of big brakes from McGaughys Suspension will handle the mounting point up front. The kit features a McGaughys C-10 2 1/2-inch drop spindle, 13-inch cross-drilled rotors and a two-piston GM caliper, as well as a hub that can be ordered in a number of lug patterns (we opted for the classic 5 x 5 pattern). Finally, the converted steering will be taken care of by a new billet Mustang II power rack-and-pinion from Flaming River that provides a full 6 inches of travel.


Colorado Custom

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Flaming River

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McGaughys Suspension

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Royal Purple


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Suicide Doors


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