Garage Therapy Part II

December 19th, 2011

Text and Photos By Scott Massengill

Bringing a Retro Small-Block Chevy Back to Life

This month we’re picking up where we left off by completing the rebuild of our 350/350 small-block Chevy engine. Part of that process was deciding what would be reused and what needed to be replaced.  As we mentioned before, this engine was originally built for drag racing, and therefore, had high compression pistons, solid lifters and cam, very stiff valve springs, etc. It was easy to eliminate those parts from the “keep” pile, but some others, like the timing chain, pushrods, oil pump and carburetor weren’t so easy. I really wanted to keep as many of the original parts as possible, but advancements made with some of today’s parts were just too hard to overlook. The carburetor is an excellent example of this.

This motor originally had a very unique three-barrel carb that I could have had restored to like-new condition, but it still wouldn’t have performed as well as a modern carburetor. Enter Quick Fuel Carburetors. They had exactly what I needed, a retro-looking carb with modern features and the know-how to help me select the right one for my application. There was also the possibility that some parts looked good on the outside, but might have problems lurking internally, which was the case with the oil pump. A new high volume oil pump was far too inexpensive to take a risk with and was replaced.

So follow along with us as we bolt everything back together and breathe new life back into this old, long forgotten piece of my family history.  Speaking of family, I’d like to dedicate this article to the memory my mom, who had more than a few hours logged into the original build.


Quick Fuel Technologies

Dept. STTR

129 Dishman Lane
Bowling Green, KY 42101
270.793.0900 (http://www NULL.quickfueltechnology

Van Senus Auto Parts

Dept. STTR

6920 Kennedy Ave.

Highland, IN 46323

219.989.7129 (http://www NULL.vansenusauto

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