Sayonara Sunroof Part II

March 23rd, 2011

Text and Photos by Scott Massengill

Last month the crew at Moe’s Garage began the task of replacing the outer roof skin on our ’69 C-10 project truck with help from the folks at LMC Truck. We continue the process this month by replacing the rusted header panel and welding in a patch panel where the sunroof once was.  As with just about every project, whether it be a custom truck or a home remodel, the further you progress, the more ideas you come up with. Before you know it, you’ve gone further than you had originally planned.  As the tape lines may indicate, we’re taking this project one step further and chopping the top. This will solve two problems: It will level out the roof line (GM intentionally raked the roof from front to back to help with water run-off), and it will allow us to better smooth out the area where the rain gutters once were. Anytime a plan changes, you need to regroup and adjust the task accordingly. So after doing some careful measurements we were back to work, and while this may seem like a strange way to chop a top, having the outer skin off will actually help us when it comes to the final fit and finish of the roof skin.

Next month we’ll put our measurements to the test by taking a few inches off the top and shaping and installing the new roof skin.


LMC Truck

Dept. STTR

15450 W. 108th Street
Lenexa, KS 66219

(800.562.8782) (http://www NULL.lmctruck

Moe’s Garage

Dept. STTR

1249 E. Burville Rd., Unit #3

Crete, IL 60417 (http://www NULL.moesgarage

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