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November 18th, 2009

ST-0908-ROCK-lead_thumbAdapting a ’65 Impala SS Center Console to Fit Your Interior

When we installed the old school ’66 Chevrolet Corvair bucket seats in our 1997 Silverado, we replaced the factory bench seat and knew that a center console would be needed to round out the rest of the interior. After much researching and measuring, an automatic 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS center console was found to be the perfect fit both for its dimensions and style. The clean console has just enough old school styling to complement the interior with simple lines that won’t clash or overpower other elements. The top of the console is a solid metal piece unlike other center consoles. This means that we can easily build our own base for the console and mount it on top rather than cutting into an existing base and adapting another console. We headed over to Extreme Audio & Kustoms in Riverside, California, where Adam built a new base from scratch to raise the console up and flow it with the floor, and a set of cup holders was added in place of the factory shifter. The result is a stunning center console that not only will have everyone asking where it is from or who made it, but finishes off the retro inspired interior nicely.


We planned out the placement of the nearly
4-foot-long ’65 Impala SS center console.
We will only be using the top part of the
console. We’ll build a new base to match
its contours and we’ll raise it up. Wooden
blocks are used to lift the console top up
so that the templates for the side pieces
of the base can be made. Because the
stereo enclosure in the back of the cab
flows to the back of the front seats,
there will be a slight overlap. But in
regard to size, this console was
meant to be.


Adam “Hand Made” Randovich from Extreme
Audio & Kustoms cuts out some cardboard
templates that will be reproduced in masonite
to build the base of the console.

ST-0908-ROCK-03 ST-0908-ROCK-04

The template is traced onto the masonite and cut out, keeping the height and contour of the floor correct


We have to trim off the pegs on the bottom
of the console piece to allow the base to
sit flush with the inside of the console top.


Notches are cut in the masonite to allow
for the remainder of the pegs. The three
pieces of the side are mocked up.

ST-0908-ROCK-07 ST-0908-ROCK-08

Small brackets are made and bent to secure the side pieces together.


A mirror image of the side is cut and installed
onto the opposite side of the console.


Wooden spacers are cut, glued and nailed
in between the sides throughout the center
of the console for strength and stability


The console top is installed onto the base.
The edges are rounded off and Bondo is
used to fill and smooth out the joints in
the base.


The console is set into the truck cab to test
for fitment. The verdict is that it fits like a
glove and will top off the retro style interior


The console base is sprayed down with glue and vinyl is stretched over it with the help of a heat gun.


We will be replacing the automatic shifter
hole with a set of cup holders. A beauty
panel is cut out and wrapped in black vinyl.


The cup holder beauty panel is glued down
to the top of the console.


The cup holder panel blends in perfectly.
We set the clock to 9:35 (that’s 9 and 7,
the year this truck was made).


Black carpet is glued down to the inside of
the console base where it will be visible
when the glove compartment is opened.


Wooden panels are cut out and wrapped in
black carpet to create a box inside the base
for the glove compartment and the cup holders.


Here is the finished center console base. The top piece fits over it perfectly and tightly enough not to need any mounting screws or brackets.


To mount the console in the truck, a few
pieces of 2 x 4 are screwed into the floor
using sheet metal screws. Once the console
is put into position, a few small nails are shot
through the bottom of the cup holders to the
wood mounted below.


Extreme Audio & Kustoms

Dept. STTR

6236 River Crest Dr
Riverside, CA 92507
Classic Industries



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