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December 5th, 2011

Text by Travis Noack

Photos by Travis Noack and Marcel Venable

LMC Truck has the Parts to Update 1973-87 C-10 Front Ends to an 1988-91 Blazer/Suburban-Style Nose

Back in 1973, GM designed a pickup body style that was complete departure from the style, underpinnings and overall look of its older 1967-72 brethren. The square body trucks got the fuel tank out of the cab and out from behind the seat, and a leaf spring rear suspension replaced the trailing arms found on 1967-72 trucks. These new squared-off Bow Ties of yesteryear were bought up by the masses and used as daily transportation and work trucks, with more than a few being transformed into mild custom cruisers and show trucks.

Fast-forward 37 years and that new box GM designed in 1973 is indisputably the most popular truck to customize today. They are plentiful and affordable and parts are abundant. This month we teamed up with LMC Truck out of Lenexa, Kansas, to install one of the company’s 1988-91 GMC Suburban front ends on an ’85 Chevy C-10 for a look that modernizes and sharpens the already stunning square body lines. If you are building one of these trucks or a 1967-72 Chevy, 1967-72 Ford F-100, 1988-98 Chevy or (insert make model and year here) LMC Truck (http://www NULL.LMCtruck the restoration, maintenance and custom parts to help complete your truck build. From fresh chrome bumpers and side trim to emblems, glass, headlights, taillights, moldings, interior kits and sheet metal, LMC’s shelves are packed with everything you need to put your truck back together the right way. Follow along as we give this ’85 C-10 some fresh facial style with a 1988-91 GMC Suburban front end from LMC Truck.


LMC Truck

Dept. STTR

15450 W.108th ST.

Lenexa, KS 66219


800.562.8782 (http://www NULL.lmctruck

Energy Suspension (http://www NULL.energysuspension

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