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Clean and Clear Window Tint Removal

October 20th, 2009

ST-0810-TWO-lead_thumbWindow tint can be easily removed without having to fork over the cash to a stereo shop to get it done. Whether it is to remedy a fix-it ticket or just a desire for a clean, classic and clear look, the removal can be done in your garage with only a few household items.



The window tint on the truck is well over 5-years-old. It has become scratched due
to the interior and exterior work and needs to go. The clean and clear look helps to show off the custom interior as well. The safest and easiest way to remove window tint is using Windex and scraping the tint  off with a razor blade.


ST-0810-TWO-02Taping a garbage bag over the door panel before you begin helps to keep the interior clean.

ST-0810-TWO-03Spray the window tint heavily with Windex to soften the glue. This is also the reason why you do not want to use Windex to clean the inside of tinted windows, because it damages the tint and loosens the glue.

ST-0810-TWO-04Using a new razor blade, the tint is scraped off slowly starting with the top corner. You may have to slightly roll the window down in order to get at the edge of the window tint.

ST-0810-TWO-05You may be able to peel the tint off in large pieces once you have an edge on which to grip.

ST-0810-TWO-06Keep spraying the Windex onto the window to keep the tint wet and workable. Once you have taken the top part of the window tint off, roll the window back up to scrape and peel off the rest.

ST-0810-TWO-07Once the tint is off it is now time to remove the glue residue. Spray some more Windex on the glue to soften it then gently scrape the razor blade across the glass to remove it. A final cleaning with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel finishes off the clear window.


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