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Hood Shield Install

October 20th, 2009

0606_st_hood_shield_install_05_thumbWe show how to install a popular and effective truck accessory.

The AVS chrome hood shield
complements the factory chrome grille
and bumper trim while delivering a
custom look to the front of the truck.

An easy way to accent the leading edge of a truck is to install a hood shield. Using a full-height, wraparound design, this shield by Auto Vent Shade provides maximum protection and a custom look that works in harmony with factory chrome grilles and bumper treatments.

The AVS chrome hood shield is manufactured from heavy OEM-quality chrome-plated ABS, designed to be tough, durable and corrosion-resistant. The piece is designed to mount away from the hood, so cleaning dirt and debris from behind the shield is never a problem.

All mounting hardware is provided with the kit. The installation should take less than an hour-most applications are a simple, bolt-on, no-drill procedure.


Before installing the hood shield, clean
both the top and underside edge of the
hood. On the Chevy Silverado and
Avalanche, the first step is to insert the
five nylon expansion nuts into the
square holes on the underside of
the hood.
Align the hood shield with the five mounting
points and loosely install the mounting screws
with the provided plastic washers. As the
screws thread in, the nylon nuts expand to
secure the hood shield in place without drilling.
Carefully center the hood shield, measuring
side-to-side. Once you are satisfied with the
alignment, gently tighten the center mounting
screw first, and then work to the two middle

The outboard screws are tightened last.
Working from the center outward allows
the shield to seat properly. Here you can
see how the hood shield mounts away
from the hood for easy cleaning and
maximum protection.


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