Actron Allows you to Take a Look at Your Battery/Alternator Health to Prevent a Roadside Breakdown

August 30th, 2011

Text and Photos by Marcel Venable

This versatile charging system (battery and alternator) tester requires no internal battery of its own and is compact for maximum convenience, an insurance policy for your battery/alternator for less than 30 bucks.

With the summer season upon us, heat and vibration from long road trips can kill your truck’s battery. Even if the gauge in your truck reads that you’re in the clear, there’s no telling if your battery or alternator may head south on you when you’re out on the road.

Actron Precision Electronics has a way for you to check out just how healthy your battery is and how well your alternator is charging.

Before testing the system, be sure that your battery terminals are clean, and all of the electrical connections are tight. Also, be sure to check out the belt(s) for tension and noticeable wear.

If everything checks out, and with the engine off, test the battery by simply placing the negative probe to the negative terminal on the battery, and the positive probe on to the positive terminal on the battery. The LED display will give you a reading of your battery’s status.

To check on how well your alternator is maintaining the battery, start the engine and bring the engine speed up to about 2,000 rpms. Next, repeat the steps you followed for the battery test. The Actron battery/alternator tester will give you an accurate look at how well your alternator is working and scores the system, allowing you to determine if any of the charging components need service or replacement.

Actron’s tester is a self-generating unit, which takes no batteries and has no serviceable parts, just the piece of mind that your battery/alternator won’t leave you on the side of the road this summer.


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