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  • 4DRSpeed started a blog post Not understanding

    Not understanding

    Pulled the turd out of the garage tonight only to find out something must be sleeping in my garage at night. Looks to be cat prints on all the horizontal surfaces Anyway when I cleaned it up a little the other day I left it running for about an hour....
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  • 4DRSpeed started a blog post Expensive


    Lord oh lord. I just did a quick calculation of how much it cost me for all the upgrades I have done to the Ruby POS. My guesstimation was actually about spot on, but it's still kind of depressing to say the least. Everybody has their hobbies and I enjoy...
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  • 4DRSpeed started a blog post Inching ever so closer

    Inching ever so closer

    I'm inching closer to getting the Maxima back on the road. My goal for it at the moment is of course to get it running, but I'm going to replace several things so hopefully it will stay running. I have a new thermostat for it which I am currently putting...
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