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  • 6T5 started a blog post 230 Miles!
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    230 Miles!

    Welp, this last Saturday I took this piece down to Kingman AZ with some other club members and their cars, over to Oatman, through Laughlin and back home to Hendertucky and made it fine. Now back on to some more body work....
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  • 6T5 started a blog post Front end assemble
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    Front end assemble

    Nice weekend this was. I spent all of yesterday sprayin up the crusty front end parts I tore down a month ago. I had to pull a copy of the old GM chevelle assembly manual out to put this front end back together cuz I forgot how it went...lol Slapped the...
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  • 6T5 started a blog post Steerin' Column
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    Steerin' Column

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    Welp I ripped the column out yesterday and afterwards Dan came by to help lay out the wiring harness for the bruiser here. The easy part is done, now for the 'fun' part. Spent most of today workin with the column. Fixing the infamous canceling issue with...
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  • 6T5 started a blog post Elky body work
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    Elky body work

    I've decided to plunge into the body work of this thing, it will be a chore. I may even do paint as well. It will be a long process, but I've already removed 90% of the trim and some panels. I will take pics and update an album but anyway, here it goes.....
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  • 6T5 started a blog post Clean clean clean...
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    Clean clean clean...

    Time to finally clean this pig up for Wurstfest this next weekend. First time i ever really 'cleaned' my interior since the big change. Before it was always so nasty and trashed that cleaning it wudda made it look real bad. I gotta polish up the wheels...
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