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  • 76TARebel started a blog post Bad Mechanics job

    Bad Mechanics job

    Last year I had to have the motor replaced in my Trans Am... freshly buil Pontiac 400. Thought the mechanic I took it too was good. Took over 3 months to pull out the old engine busted motor (hole in number 8 cylinder wall) and put the new one in... even...
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  • 76TARebel started a blog post Big maybe here

    Big maybe here

    I was thinking a while ago about maybe modernizing my Trans Am a little. I was thinking about replacing the engine and tranny with a LS3 and a new automatic transmission. Then maybe doing the interior with the interior of a 4th gen Trans Am. I thought it...
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  • 76TARebel started a blog post Bit of a problem

    Bit of a problem

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    My Trans Am finally got a garage to call its own. Got in to move it and looked around once it was in the garage and the passenger side rear floor had a puddle in it. The water had soaked through the carpet and the insulation and was resting on the floor...
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  • 76TARebel started a blog post Exhaust Shop

    Exhaust Shop

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    My Trans Am sounds really good now... got a lot of the electrical gremlins out... but my mechanic and I agreed that she is far to loud to be able to tune her correctly... so off to the Exhaust shop it goes. Should be out of there by Tuesday and on the road...
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