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  • 78camarobaby started a blog post Oops


    Well boys, looks like Project Camaro will have to be post-poned for much longer then I intended. I just recently found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant and expecting! If any of you have kids then you'll understand that babies are pretty expensive. Im going to...
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  • 78camarobaby started a blog post Tires


    Well when I bought the car, all 4 tires were dry rotted because it sat for so long. Just the other day I was wandering around the local flea market and I came across a man who had 2 white letter 14 inch tires that were exactly what I needed. They have...
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  • 78camarobaby started a blog post 1 Step Closer

    1 Step Closer

    I ordered the passenger side floor pan for my car about a week ago. It just got here today :) so happy. Im that much closer to finishing the car. Hopefully going later or tomorrow morning to pick up the motor and Im getting black and gray seats (temporary)...
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F –25
Eutawville, South Carolina
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