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Akyashaa is happy coz she just ordered new parts again, weee! — updated 9 years ago

  • Age: 34
  • Gender: F
  • Address: Pearl City, Hawaii
    United States
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Nissan Rule!!!! How are u??
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Thanks on the compliment, hell I wish I had her in Germany, but I am in Hawai'i right now, so speedlimit is 60 max frown image Kinda sucks but you are right I get aggitated with slow people smile image
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nice sentra iv bet alot of ppl have gotten the bird flipped at them or cussed out going down a road to slow even when there is no speed limit! also i bet alot of ppl have to fill up common in germany always going a good 130mph's burns gas QUICK! maybe i should move there since i got my camaro fixed?
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