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  • Akyashaa started a blog post Work In Progress

    Work In Progress

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    Hello guys. So after finally receiving most of my parts in the mail (I am sitll missing my headlights for whatever reason), I went to install everything. Now, I don't know if you guys know, but I got a huge sub in my trunk I need to sell weighing the car...
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  • Akyashaa started a blog post new stuff inc

    new stuff inc

    So i played around on ebay and i got a few sweet deals on some upgrades and some cosmetic improvements hehe. Can't wait till they get here in the mail so I can go to the shop and play with it :) New head and tail lights incoming since these are foggy as...
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  • Akyashaa started a blog post New add ons

    New add ons

    Hey guys.. Since I bought the car about 2 weeks ago. I couldn't help myself but add a couple of things to give it a personal touch. I added racing pedals and a new shift knob. I also had to fix the windshield wiper fluid injectors since the previous owner...
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