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  • Bandit_Girl started a blog post Another Update

    Another Update

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    Just thought I would let you all know how the car is coming along. I finally got the wheel back from paint and the tires put on. The problems is the wheel studs seem to be a little bit short and lugs barely screw on to them. Definitely not tight enough...
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  • Bandit_Girl started a blog post Progress update

    Progress update

    I have been working on restoring my T/A for a couple of months now. I have had a few things come up (and fly off) along the way. I first had to have the carburetor rebuilt because the secondaries weren't working. After tweeking on it for a bit, they are...
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  • Bandit_Girl started a blog post Bad Day for My T/A

    Bad Day for My T/A

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    Well, it all started when I decided that I wanted to take the car for it's first "road trip." Was cruising around my town minding my own business when my drivers side front wheel FLEW OFF my car. I was doing about 60 when it happened. Scared the Sh** out...
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