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  • BigBlock started a blog post 1983 Elky

    1983 Elky

    Well after a very busy time I am back on the elky. I hated the blue so i scraped and sanded back I am upgrading the engine, i am putting a wiend tunnel ram w/2 450 cfm four barrels, mallory ignition and taylor wires. I have to open up the hood to get...
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  • BigBlock started a blog post Elky


    I sanded and primered the Elky today with K2 catalted. I wanted a light color but all I could find was grey. I will put pics on later. Of course as Murphy's law dictates, anyything that could go wrong today, did. First, my paint gun just decided to act...
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  • BigBlock started a blog post New Mods

    New Mods

    Well this weekend has been a busy one for the Elky. First she got some new wind pipes to help with her breath'n. Then I gave her a blood transfusion, tomorrow she should be gettin some new feet and skins, course, when I get the pictures, I'll put them up....
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  • BigBlock started a blog post 1983 El Camino

    1983 El Camino

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    I am currently working on my 83 elky. I have most of the body work done, and am looking forward to primering it next week. I am going to paint it compition orange, with maybe some scallops, or ghost stripes. The engine is pretty much ok right now, but I...
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