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  • Blainestang started a blog post Track Day (10-28-06)

    Track Day (10-28-06)

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    Well, I finally got the Bullitt to the track on Saturday after getting it all tuned up right and got some runs in. For a little background... I'm on stock rear and 245 Fusion ZRi tires @ 40psi... not exactly set up for launching, but the car is in FULL...
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  • Blainestang started a blog post Shelby GT-H

    Shelby GT-H

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    Well, my dad picked up the GT-H at Hertz here in Tampa at 1, and drove it a little until we met up with some people around 4. We were planning a trip to the drag strip with it and the Bullitt, but unfortunately it was rained out, which was obviously...
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