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  • DeepCycle started a blog post DEEP PURPLE!


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    Started 'er up 28 degrees this morning. The cold dry air sure makes the 318 go! On the way home from work I was just cranking the Deep Purple Perfect Strangers cd ! Man the system sounds good in my 75! -Another pic at Waldoch before the Dyna Mat/ custom...
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  • DeepCycle started a blog post 7 hours of 70mph!

    7 hours of 70mph!

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    The Lady and I had a fun run Mpls to Ames and back last Fri night for the Leftover Salmon concert! The van ran so nice! Jamin' tunes! I seen some cool older cars and trucks on Interstate 35 but I was the only old school van. The pic is the van at Waldoch...
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  • DeepCycle started a blog post VANNIN #1

    VANNIN #1

    Getting cold here in Minnesota! I got my plastic sheets to put under my vans, will be stored in the garage for winter. Should get a couple more chances to cruz the van yet this fall. Looking to do some river valley drives. The Lady and I enjoy a river side...
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