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  • DragCamaro started a blog post intake


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    put my intake in, doesnt really sit that stable but it works. made a good difference in throttle response and the car idles a whole lot better now. sounds cool too lol
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  • DragCamaro started a blog post Stereo done

    Stereo done

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    Put my stereo in, 2 12" volfenhags, ma audio amp w/ 1200 watts going into them. i have some rockfor fosgate 6.5" subs im going to put in my pillars when i get them back from someone. i love it, i mad a car alarm go off yesterday (no ****) when i opened my...
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  • DragCamaro started a blog post new exhaust

    new exhaust

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    got my exhaust ran. i like the sound of it. flowmaster 80 series with dual hooker resonated tips. the idiots clamped the tips and outlets on so im going to tac them today to keep exerything straight
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