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  • Funkleberry started a blog post Been a while .....

    Been a while .....

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    Well, i9t's been a while a since I've done anything on the site. Family and work (as with most people) has taken up a LOT of my time. Just as an update, "Fred" is still st my brother's shop getting ready for paint. It's not that we are doing a lot of...
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  • Funkleberry started a blog post WTF .....

    WTF .....

    So, my dad called me the other day saying there was a 77 Nova he saw advertised for $800. He called the gal to see if it was still available. Apparently it was cause about an hour later I get a call that he bought it sight unseen and needed me to drive...
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  • Funkleberry started a blog post Crossin my fingers

    Crossin my fingers

    My dad and I are headed to the car show in Pleasanton tomorrow. Granted, the Good Guys events now are pretty corporate, but we still like to go thru the swap meet area. We've been doing it since I was a kid. I have my fingers crossed that we may be able...
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  • Funkleberry started a blog post At the shop

    At the shop

    So, "Fred" is currently at my brother's shop. He has started taking the paint down, and we are i the process of removing the window molding and trim, as well as the body trim. And so it begins .....
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