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I posted this in my blog but I am not sure if anyone saw it, so.......

Hey all, I wanted to share with you a score I picked up this past week. I have been watching an ad on craigslist for a complete 62 Starfire with extra parts, the car was totally disassembled even the body was off the frame, but resting on the frame.

After 3-4 months the car was not selling so I asked if he wanted to sell me the stainless trim for my car, he said make an offer. I did and he accepted. Then he said add $400 and I can take it all if I wanted to.

I rented a 10' box truck from uhaul and drove 125 mies to pick it all up. all the stainless is perfect, could use a polish. The chrome parts are pitted. The aluminum side trim is just better than average which is better than the ones on my car which have bodywork and white paint on them smile image

If you care to see the parts here is the link http://rides....2098696OZmShY
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Check out the new photos I added of the 62 Starfire!!!
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Lots of GREAT work u put into that cool muscle ride, Love the ols, Good luck bro!
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