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Haarleyman is Hello all my friends..Have a kicka$$ week!! — updated 7 years ago

  • Age: 47
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Yuba City, California
    United States
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Heya I noticed your from Yuba city, I'm originally from Sacramento moved out here to Ark about 6 months ago, most of my family's in Marysville and Yuba city, by any chance do you know anyone from the Carr family (James, Jess & Sherly) or Pruit (Bob, or Rick) or the Helzer's Jackie, Gary and there 3 daughters? hehe just asking cuz everyone seems to know everyone back home. well take car by the way i like the pickup you used to own and the valiant =)
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cool garage geno from pa
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That was a sweet looking Bike
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