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  • JudgementDay started a blog post Shocking Find

    Shocking Find

    After a 20+ year absence and any hope of finding my first Fiero back I found the car in a back road used car lot only a few blocks from my work. It has been sitting there for over 2 years waiting for the right person to come along and put it back on the...
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  • JudgementDay started a blog post Maintenance Update

    Maintenance Update

    After what appears to be nearly 20 since it last ran I performed some major maintenance on this car and she fired up and seems to run pretty smooth. Need to complete clutch bleeding, brake maintenance and get a new set of tires for the newly polished...
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  • JudgementDay started a blog post Nox


    Finally retired the old Nox to used car status at the local Pontiac dealer. She ran up to 167,000 miles without any problems. I planned on running it up past 200,000 miles, but I ran into a trade deal I couldn't pass up.
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  • JudgementDay started a blog post Fuel Mileage

    Fuel Mileage

    Figured out my overall fuel mileage from the first 100,000 miles on the road and came up with 18.3 MPG. Best yet logged was 2 full tanks back to back at 23 and 1 lonely tank at 24. Haven't yet seen the elusive 25 MPG on the window sticker when new. As of...
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