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  • LarsBud started a blog post Ultra Racing

    Ultra Racing
    RC_Logo-1.jpg Well it’s done, my Ultra Racing front strut bar and the rear anti-role bar are in. I have put this step-by-step install together so you can see you can do it at home. Starting of with the...
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  • LarsBud started a blog post Racing Stripe

    Racing Stripe

    Well I went and add a black racing stripe to my car. My good friend Paul is one of the best painters/air brushers in town and he came over and painted my car for me. 1/ Find the center and mark off the location with a marker, hood, roof, hatch, evenly...
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  • LarsBud started a blog post Projects


    On this page I am going to post the upgrades and any changes I do to Red Max. I will post a pic of before and after, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message. I was big into restoring and building show bikes for years and won a...
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