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  • Mister2 started a blog post Quattro = WIN

    Quattro = WIN

    In the past few days we have had quite a bit of snow and ice accumulate on the roads. Everyone's getting stuck. I on the other hand sail through the snow like a hot knife through butter. I have been lucky to not have any problems, but man do I love my car...
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  • Mister2 started a blog post Man, how plans change.

    Man, how plans change.

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    Okay so a lot has happened. My basic plans for the car are still the same. It's just going to take a little longer to achieve them now. I just had to get new rims because I bent three of my stock ones. The roads around here are atrocious. I replaced them...
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  • Mister2 started a blog post Boost leak(s)

    Boost leak(s)

    Well for a few weeks my car was really sluggish. I knew I had a boost leak somewhere but didnt have time to find it. Finally, I got fed up and decided to put other things on hold. Turns out it was right on top of the engine so it was easy to fix. The guy at...
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  • Mister2 started a blog post Ohio Technical College

    Ohio Technical College

    For a long time now I have been very interested in cars, but I've been very limited to the amount of hands on experience that I would like to have at this point. The only cars I have really worked on were MR2's, a first gen and my second gen. Oh and my...
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  • Mister2 started a blog post MR2, Home At Last

    MR2, Home At Last

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    Last night I finally brought the MR2 home. I'm extremely happy now, even though I have to drive to work today with no windshield wipers haha. A few weeks ago I was bringing it home and it died on me after about 30 minutes and stranded me. Worst day I've had...
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