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  • MoFoMan started a blog post Walkaround Video

    Walkaround Video

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    So browseing around on YouTube and such for various video's of Mopars or Roadrunners just to see whats out there, got me to thinking I'll do one as well. I have a few long distance friends that wanted to see the car and while Pictures are pretty, a Video...
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  • MoFoMan started a blog post Change is in the air

    Change is in the air

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    Well lots of changes happenin !! I've decided to add another horse to the stable, my other love a Mopar! I've picked up a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner clone, originally started it's life a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring with a 318, automatic Now it's a...
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  • MoFoMan started a blog post Galaxie Startup

    Galaxie Startup

    Ok so the time finally came I had everything connected, fluids filled, electricals connected and a fresh battery, it was time to start her up and see what trouble lie about.... First try........ nothin, click click, not even the starter turning..........
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  • MoFoMan started a blog post Underneath it all

    Underneath it all

    Progression towards getting the Gal back running I decided to spend a couple hours getting things tightened down and reconnected under the car last night. Jacked the Gal up about 3 ft off the ground on a set of sturdy stands and set about reversing the...
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