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  • MustangGT58266 started a blog post My new Intake!!!

    My new Intake!!!

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    Check out the vids: ***under the hood: *** ***in action 40-90 MPH: *** ***on the highway: *** My new custom built Short...
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  • MustangGT58266 started a blog post Scion :(

    Scion :(

    totalled it about 2 months back still kinda miss it lol it was a great car. guy runs stop sign, sees me coming stops in the middle of my lane, no where to go left or right, icy roads, hit the brakes and slid into him at about 25mph. both of us were fine and...
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  • MustangGT58266 started a blog post New Clutch kit

    New Clutch kit

    Hey everybody! hows everyone doing????? Just got a Perfection Performance Clutch Kit installed and the car feels awesome! Definitely a great Clutch kit and brand and was a great price, only $130 dollars brand new for a 6 piece kit from Advance Auto Parts....
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