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  • Rickaz28 started a blog post NASCAR friends

    NASCAR friends

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    NASCAR has been around for 50 years+. In my life, I've had the pleasure of knowing some drivers in the "game" and many drag drivers, oval drivers, car designers. You know the faces and the names. They need no introduction! Please check out "NASCAR ALBUM"...
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  • Rickaz28 started a blog post Building the Camaro

    Building the Camaro

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    I have received some mail wanting to know what "modifications" I have made to the Special K. You will also find a detailed list under the topic," modifications" when clicking on the image. Here they are again anyway... IMPROVEMENTS: ¬ENGINE: air foil...
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  • Rickaz28 started a blog post I'm here

    I'm here

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    It was an eMail from a friend that alerted me to this site. Glad to be here. As I work through the site to figure out all the nuances, I promise to add more albums and photos as well as some commentary. My 1994 is the first Camaro I purchased new (but not...
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